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Why the United States of America is the greatest country in the World

Freedom = Responsibility
by Korifaeus

There is a lot one can say about the United States. Some calling it the great Satan, ( an endearing term for this great nation of ours ? ) Others call it the greatest country in the world – i’m amongst them.

This country, unlike any other country in the world, gives everyone free choice to do, think and believe whatever one chooses to. No one is pushed into a Religion, nor a political party, nor to perform a job one doesn’t wish to perform. There is no slavery in this country and no one is pushed into buying health insurance either – unlike in countries such as Germany, for example, where the payment for health insurance is already taken out of the pay check. ( It’s not for free, as is commonly believed).

Here we have a choice to buy whatever insurance, or not, we wish to buy.

We’re also the richest country in the world – just look at our supermarkets and the variety of fruits, produce available to us. No other country, outside of the UAE or Saudi Arabia, perhaps, can possibly compare.

Now some may say that some of the foods are not made for human consumption, and i agree. But being the devil’s advocate that i am, remember that no one is pushed into buying or eating these foods. We live in a time where most everyone is literate, able to read the ingredients stated on most every product. If an ingredient reads like a foreign mathematical sequence, rather than something simple and familiar to us like ” sugar, salt, pepper, egg yolks”, etc, . why buy it ? Free choice. No one is pushed into buying or eating something one doesn’t understand.
Free choice.

Freedom is also given to manufacturers of products and food. More freedom than in any other country. More ingredients are allowed to be added to food than anywhere else in the world. Though i personally prefer that vitamin D3 and Vitamin A is not added to milk, since it doesn’t state how much D3 exactly is added and i get sufficient D2 from the sun, plus don’t want to end up with cracking bone syndrome due to hyper calcification, it’s left up to me to drink such milk or not. No one is pushing me into drinking vitamin enhanced milk.

Nor is anyone pushing me into “believing” that it’s good for me. It’s up to me to believe or not believe what we’re told.

Now, one could now say that if we’re given false information about something, that we’re being lied to, with people are being led astray. True, but lying is not against the law and with freedom and free choice comes also “responsibility”. No one is pushed into believing that it’s true what we’re told. It’s up to us to believe or not. We’re literate folks and can read up on just about anything – it’s easier now than ever before – we need not even go into a library or page through books. We have computers, the internet, able to access scientific libraries within seconds. But we have to use our own mind, ending up making our own choices, even in regard to believing what’s stated in scientific libraries – and that’s when logic and reasoning comes in = we have no other choice than to educate ourselves; use our GUT to trust our own choices, consequentially becoming self-reliant and that takes bravery.

This is, after all, the land of the brave, is it not ?

It takes courage to say yes to freedom because with freedom, true freedom, comes “responsibility” and few dare to take responsibility for themselves because when accepting responsibility for oneself – and one’s own choices – one is left with no one to blame but one self.

That’s why this country is the greatest country in the world; it makes slaves out of those saying NO to freedom, unwilling to take responsibility for their actions, preferring to have masters rather than being their own masters, so they have someone to blame, and it makes MAN out of those willing to be courageous and say YES to freedom, accepting the responsibility for themselves and their actions.

The United States is like a great Surgeon having to perform emergency surgery on someone about to die, but having to do it immediately with no anesthesia available. Those observing the Surgeon perform the surgery, with the patient screaming in utter distress and in enormous pain, call the doctor every name in the book, thinking him cold-blooded, cruel, inhumane even – while yet the Doctor knows it’s the only way to save the patient’s life. Once the patient is well, however, the surgeon becomes the Messiah.

In GOD we trust



3 comments on “Why the United States of America is the greatest country in the World

  1. rmactsc
    April 23, 2012

    I agree. America truly is the greatest country on planet Earth.

  2. Eleanie Campbell
    April 23, 2012

    I agree we have so many freedoms that we take for granted.

  3. ataraxiphile
    April 23, 2012

    How true! 🙂 Also, grateful for reiterating something we need to keep in mind 🙂

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