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Is the Illuminati running your world ?

Voluntary Slaves
by Korifaeus

I believed the conspiracy theories about the Illuminati are already old hat and have long been placed into the back shelves of library archives, the same way punk fashion of the eighties came and went. But… i was wrong. Punk fashion is back, as are the conspiracy theories about the illuminati and very much in vogue amongst the younger generation.

Young folks with leftists leanings study conspiracy internet websites, so i learned, as though these sites are THE source to worldly knowledge, thus it’s to no surprise they stumbled upon “evidence” to the existence of the ever so powerful secret entity called the Illuminati.

It’s so secretive a society, in fact, that everyone knows its name, while yet no one knows who its leaders are. But the evidence clearly shows they must exist, run the world and, along with the ever so powerful Bilderbergers, behind all and everything creating havoc in the world, from the banking system, to …well just about everything according to conspiracy theorists.

It’s mind-boggling to me why young people just starting out in life want to believe that they have no chance to become successful, achieve the impossible dream, because of an entity they” choose” to believe in – an entity not allowing them to be part of the world stage, holding them down to stay servants.

Yes, they’re still young, but we, too, were young once – still we believed in ourselves, not in some groups who supposedly have power over us. We, too, heard about all these stories but didn’t pay any mind to them.

The “evidence” itself are words and numbers spun into a sequence to back up a theory. Anyone can spin words into anything one wishes to see according to ones agenda. And anything can be seen in a symbol. But conspiracy theorists, with an obvious agenda, see in the most innocent, possibly even benevolent symbols, signs of evil. Are they only able to see evil ? If so, what does it say about their minds ?

Whatever happened to the wise Monk key theory, also known as the ” three wise apes” = See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. And when seeing only the possible good in everything one is said to receive “wisdom”. Thus these conspiracy theories fail miserably in the approach to receive wisdom.

What could possibly be the motive of those creating such theories ? It frightens folks, makes them fearful and paranoid until they begin seeing conspirators behind just about everyone holding a powerful job or position.

To show how one is able to create a sort of magically appearing evidence out of anything, let’s use today’s date as an example and spin it into something fascinating.
Whatever word will come out of it will be the reason for the downfall of the world, giving us a warning.

I’m just making something up in ways conspiracy theorists create “evidence”.

Today’s date : April 25 2012

We’re now going to do something very different, and that’s counting the letters between the letters of the word ” April”, thus A to P, P to R, and so on. No idea if such a cryptographic game exist, i just made it up to show that anything can be spun into anything.

The amount of letters between the letters of the word April create a number, and that number will represent a letter in the alphabet, from which we’ll form a new word giving us an insight into the reason for the downfall of this world.
No worries, this world will never end – it’s a perpetuum mobile) ; )

14 letters
Thee single digit of 14 = 5 ( 1+4= 5 )




5+2+8+2 = 17

The 17th letter of the alphabet is ” Q ”

Thus we have the first letter of the word, which is Q, and the Q means it will give us a ” cue”.

Now the rest of the date, 25 – 2012
25th letter of the alphabet is Y

2nd is the B

0 indicates the O

12th is L

Thus April = Q
25 = Y
2012 = BOL


No such word exists, but “phonetically” it clearly sounds like ” quibble”. Ergo, the great powers of the Universe want to point out that ” quibble will be the reason for the downfall of the world.
Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it ?

But remember that i just made it up, spontaneously picking today’s date, and made up a puzzle. Though a word came out of it, i could have spun that word into anything of my choosing, But because it can easily sound like quibble, i choose it to mean quibble because it’s a funny word, and can make sense.

Isn’t it obvious that conspiracy theorists spinning innocent words, symbols and numbers into something representing evil are in actuality the ones creating the havoc in the world ?

Considering the word “Illuminati” indicated it has something to do with light and the greatest light source is our sun, i interpret illuminati to mean “sun”, which is also the only thing actually ruling this planet.

We have the right, the choice and the imagination to interpret anything the way we want to see the world. It’s left up to us how we want to see the world. And i choose to see it all in a positive light that’s comforting rather than frightening.
To each its ” own” 😉



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