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My Beef with President Trump…….as a Supporter

OWN IT ! By Korifaeus You, Mister President, Sir, just had a great SUCCESS in Helsinki ,meeting with President Putin, regardless what the pundits say. You showed courage that benefits … Continue reading

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” LinkedIn ” – a covert Intelligence gathering site ?

How do they know this ? By Korifaeus I have a LinkedIn account but no contacts. I opened that account to see what it’s all about and if it furthers … Continue reading

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Should SECRET SERVICE keep a close eye on Speaker Paul Ryan ?

Talks of Town By Korifaeus Ever since Speaker Ryan declared he won’t run again after serving his term in Congress, a lot of talk has arisen in coffee shops where … Continue reading

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DESPICABLE News Propaganda

The LAW of our Land By Korifaeus Today i heard a LOT of talk from friends and in the news about how terrible President Trump was at the Helsinki summit … Continue reading

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RUSSIAN HACKING and something……. AMISS !

Adding it up By Korifaeus Let’s very thoroughly look at all the facts presented to us, the people, thus far, regarding the “alleged” Russian hacking and the “mysterious” Steele Dossier … Continue reading

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Dear Mister President, Donald J. Trump, Sir

In all fairness By Korifaeus Tweets, like the response to Maxine Water’s, in which you name call opponents, does neither serve you nor us, your supporters. Calling her Low IQ, … Continue reading

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The Steele Dossier – An Amateurish Lack of Sound Intelligence

Dossier writing for Dummies By Korifaeus We must all seriously question the common sense, rationale, logic, intelligence know-how and motives and agenda of the public servants having closely looked at … Continue reading

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