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Phony Baloney Star-studded Campaigns

The posh-life’s Phony Baloney By Korifaeus Sure, A-Stars like Jay Z, Beyonce, Katie Perry, etc give concerts for Hillary Clinton ( cuz she can’t draw a crowd) to attract young … Continue reading

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Khizr Khan – The DNC’s biggest CONTROVERSY

Under Cover By Korifaeus Mr. Khizr Khan is the father of Humayun Khan, American Soldier said to’ve fallen in Iraq in 2004. All Americans are grateful to the men and … Continue reading

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Are we still allowed to have a first choice ?

Attraction and Preference By Korifaeus Whenever i sat with women and/or men and a person walks into a public place getting our and my attention, while single, it’s not unusual … Continue reading

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The Good BAD GUY versus the Bad GOOD GUY

Political Psychology 101 By Korifaeus We have a tough choice to make in this 2016 election; and when comparing liberal news to conservative news it becomes even more confusing because … Continue reading

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Modern Day Slavery – Part 1

A Goat to the Rescue By Korifaeus For those proclaiming to be offended by some locker room banter heard on the now infamous tape, of a secretly recorded Donald Trump … Continue reading

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What’s eating CNN’s Don Lemon ? Racism or Arrogance ?

Black Prejudice By Korifaeus Imagine you saw a white news anchor on CNN, with another white man invited on the show to be the support side kick, interviewing a black … Continue reading

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