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President Trump challenges Liberal Intelligence with COVFEFE

What Codes May come
By Korifaeus

Since last night twitter has become as creative as never before, after @realdonaldtrump tweeted something, around midnight, eastern time zone, many folks are still puzzled about.
This is the Tweet

“Covfefe” became a sensation within minutes, and within less than an hour T-shirts sporting COVFEFE were for sale. Many people were worried, wondering if all was well with the President, since the tweet appeared not to’ve been a finished sentence, still, it was sent. Aside from that, the word COVFEFE appeared not to make any sense.
Speculations increased,  as well as the creativity on twitter, trying to interpret what it was he could have possibly meant with the term COVFEFE. A term that could just as easily have been a typo that was supposed to read, ” coverage”.

It was not until about 6 am eastern time, that the tweet was deleted and replaced with a new tweet.
This is the new tweet having replaced the former

Could Theodor Roosevelt’s code from the Spanish-American war have been used ?  If so, it would be brilliant; a brilliant tweet to challenge the intelligence of  arrogant liberals. It’s not improbable he may have heard of that code, having attended Military Academy and having great respect, for Theodore Roosevelt, after whom his youngest Grandchild is named.  In that case the sentence, too,  would make perfect sense, as would COVFEFE



2 comments on “President Trump challenges Liberal Intelligence with COVFEFE

  1. Simon Barnwell
    June 1, 2017

    Yes , I like it 😊 , a clever little way to challenge and dispel the opposition’s negative press regarding his intellect .

    • Korifaeus
      June 1, 2017

      ” The Code Breakers” , by David Kahn 😀

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