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PANGAEA – What the World really looked like

Feeble Minded Scientists?
By Korifaeus

Schools teach, and scientists ( sadly enough ) still insist the western part of Africa was once connected to the eastern side of the American continent, just because at first glance they sort of look like puzzle pieces that could fit. Geology, however, is not taken into consideration, which provides the evidence that it could not have been connected.

As published in several books of mine, one of which is The TALL TALE  the geology of east Asia is identical to the geology of the western part of the North American Continent, including the fault lines.

Much of the earth was under water, which is apparent in the enormous areas of desert, while the highest mountain ranges ( Himalaya and Andes) were the first lands visible when the waters began to subside once the earth began “cooling off”. The subsiding of the waters was due to the cooling off, causing the poles to freeze = water didn’t disappear rather froze into an icy mass.
The Himalaya mountain range was originally connected to the Andes mountain range, both of whom share the same geological structure; hence the Northern part of South America was once connected to Eastern India, see depiction below.

Australia was once connected to eastern China on it’s west and on its east to the west coast of North America.

With this theory of how Pangaea looked in actuality, we could also explain evolution, the coming of the great civilizations, so much easier, because the ” connections” become more visible.

Please see picture of what Pangaea most probably looked like originally,
you can click to enlarge



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