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Betsy DeVos PUBLIC Grammar Blunder

This can only be a joke, a farce, a fake Facebook page, or ?
If this is Betsy DeVos’ real Facebook Page and she wrote this, see screenshot below, surely we can all agree she can not possibly become the Secretary of Education of the United States of America.
If this is indeed her real FB page and she hired someone to write in her name, surely we can also agree that she can’t possibly become Secretary of Education, since she does not appear competent to hire someone who can spell english correctly.

How in the world can we allow a person, any person, to become Secretary of ” EDUCATION ” if that person can’t spell ? Or, if she can spell and wrote a reply quickly, but didn’t check the spelling and posted the reply ” publicly”, not correcting the mistake ?

I hope for her it’s a fake page, cuz that is unacceptable; the IRONY, however, is delicious 😀
See for yourself
You can click on the picture to enlarge; it’s a screen shot of her reply to me on her supposed or alleged official page.



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