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CNN – The Greatest Danger to America

by Korifaeus

Americans are scared; Americans who voted for Trump, that is.
Trump supporters were propagated as racists and verbally, as well as physically, attacked by liberal protestors coming to Trump rallies. The ones having stirred Americans against Americans, and more precisely against Trump supporters, was the liberal media, and the worst liberal propaganda machine has been CNN; propagating nothing but hate, and spinning the most innocent of remarks into insults.

And though young women, trying to get into buildings to attend a Trump rally, had eggs thrown at them by Anti-Trump protestors – young men were physically assaulted, punched and beaten by Anti-Trump protestors, after leaving a rally – tomatoes were thrown at Donald Trump at a rally – and earlier this year a young British man was arrested at a Trump rally for attempting to take a gun from a security guard, to shoot Trump – these horrific actions by those opposing Donald Trump and Trump supporters got hardly any attention from the liberal press.

Instead, Trump supporters were smeared by the liberal media, especially CNN, as being bullies, intimidating liberals, while yet no protests of conservatives, Republicans or Trump supporters at Democratic rallies took place, nor did groups of Trump supporters go after any democrats.

Now that the election took place and Donald Trump won the Presidency, protests have been ongoing in many liberal cities, with some protestors caught spraying ” Pro-Trump” slogans as well as Nazi symbols on buildings to try putting the blame on Trump supporters. But, luckily we are in the surveillance camera and cell-phone camera age, with the actual perpetrators caught and going viral on youtube and social media.

CNN, however, tries to outcast those having voted for Trump, as a hate group who supported a man of whom Muslims are terrified, with Muslim women afraid to wear head scarfs. Instead of projecting an understanding of Democracy for all, to encourage unity, CNN chooses to try its VERY best to not only divide the country, but stir Americans against Americans, propagating against one half of American voters to subliminally make them Subject to Persecution of the other half of American voters. And only because we are living in a Democracy, a Democratic election took place and one side voted for a different person than the other.

Trump voters are scared; but not just Trump voters. Democrats are afraid to wear a red shirt, a red hat, after experiencing what many Trump supporters have been subject to = to be asked if one voted for Trump, because one wears red. Red supposedly being the secret code of being a Trump supporter.

The propaganda by CNN against fellow Americans is enormously concerning because it’s too similar of the Propaganda machine of one Goebbels against Jewish people. Back then, it was the MEDIA stirring folks against others. Horrific tragedies of the past occurred because of MEDIA PROPAGANDA.
That is what Media propaganda did, and the ONLY ones who bear responsibility for any and all civil unrest is the media and specifically CNN, which has become the greatest Danger to America.

If you are all for peace, civility, and unity, why then are you continuing to monger hate ?





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