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How Liberal are LIBERALS ?

by Korifaeus

We’ve had a LONG primary, because no primary campaign in American History has ever been so closely observed than the one of the 2016 Presidential election, with Donald Trump constantly in the headlines. Ergo, everyone tuned in watching Donald J. Trump’s interviews, broadcasted rallies and of course the debates. We all awaited the convention and nomination process with suspense – Bernie Sanders VS Hillary and Donald Trump VS seventeen highly experienced politicians.

Finally the general election campaign began which did not seem as close, according to the polls, as it turned out. Thus we were all holding our breath, intensely watching the morning, mid-day and evening news; following Facebook and twitter to take part in it all personally, voicing our opinions.

There was no doubt in the media’s mind – left and right – that Hilary Clinton would be the winner, according to the polls; Mrs. CLinton pandering to women, LGBT, blacks, Latinos, Hispanics, even posting tweets and FBP’s in Spanish. And while dividing her supporters into little groups, one group was left out, and those where the white working males on left and right. The latter were the ones winning Donald Trump the election, not to forget the more than 47 % women of all ethnic backgrounds who also voted Trump.

The late night hours of November 8 were the tough awakening for those 100% sure Mrs. Clinton would be elected the first woman President, when Donald J. Trump was called the winner once he reached 279 electoral votes.

That’s what happens in a democratic system; people vote and then there’s a winner and a loser. Democrats call themselves democrats because they believe in the democratic voting system, …but…. do they respect it ?

Quite a few liberal democrats do apparently not believe in Democracy, for they instantly went to the streets in protest of the President-elect, denouncing Donald Trump as their President.
That much for their believe and respect for Democracy.
And they call themselves “ Democrats” ? Seriously ?

But let’s, for the sake of a fair argument, take a look at the definition of the word LIBERAL, since many Democrats consider themselves liberal democrats.
Lib•er•al (ˈlɪb ər əl, ˈlɪb rəl)

1. favorable to progress or reform, as in political or religious affairs.

The way liberal democrats of today are acting, nothing could be further from the definition above; they want all to stay put the way it is, and not change the system, at all, regardless of the inner cities, the crime rate, Government spending, etc; otherwise they’d be willing to give Trump a chance. Try something new. Nor are they favorable to progress or reform in regard to religious affairs. They despise Evangelists, Catholics, religious Protestants, etc. thus where no religious tolerance exists, progress cannot be made.

2. (often cap.) designating or pertaining to a political party advocating measures of progressive political reform.

It’s been the exact same party system since Woodrow Wilson, who created Income tax in 1913, to increase ( collective ) Government spending while taking money from the middle class. The increase of Government spending, thanks to tax payer money, created corporate conglomerates who would soon hold Government hostage because they became the number one job creators = Military Industrial complex.

3. pertaining to, based on, or having views or policies advocating individual freedom of action and expression.

The irony on this is currently especially apparent, with a very many liberals denouncing any and all fellow-Americas who voted for Trump. The world of the liberal of today is like so: Freedom to everyone who agrees with me. Thus actually authoritarian, and as such covertly labeled liberal/democrats to try and make their communistic fascism sound all embracing and tolerant.

Regardless of what ye call yourselves, it is your ACTIONS that reflect your mindset and ideology.

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