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Phony Baloney Star-studded Campaigns

The posh-life’s Phony Baloney
By Korifaeus

Sure, A-Stars like Jay Z, Beyonce, Katie Perry, etc give concerts for Hillary Clinton ( cuz she can’t draw a crowd) to attract young voters for Hillary, cuz these stars have nothing to lose should Hillary become President. They have all their eggs in their baskets, not having to look for jobs, and most certainly no second jobs( or third jobs) ; their lives are safe. No worries about their health insurance going up, cuz they don’t have Obama care. Nor would it affect them in any way or form if more factories close, with manufacturers moving to other countries, taking the jobs with them.

The stars endorsing and introducing Hillary, urging their fan base to vote for her, live posh lives in their mansion(s) and luxury Penthouses, with some second homes in Switzerland, Monaco – not to forget the castle-like Manors in upper class country-sides of Britain – flying in private planes while Joe and Jolie Shmoe from Idaho, Kansas, Michigan or Pennsylvania live from one paycheck to the next, unsure if they’ll still have a job next months, or if they will be on the list of American workers soon to be on welfare.

The only thing these stars worry about – cuz whoever will be in charge of this country won’t change their lives – is how many records they will sell. Same goes for A-list actors on whom the economy has no effect; they’ve saved enough money never having to work again, and still able to live a luxurious life without worries.

What is it to them how the inner cities look, or our public schools ? Their kids go to private schools and have no clue about the hardship 80% of Americans face daily.

Giving a concert for Hillary or speaking up on her behave, ( or give an angry rant using fowl words as though reading from script of a monster movie, as in Robert DeNiro) while utterly clueless about the 16% of Americans not even having running water, nor electricity and still using out-houses with their sons being in the majority of giving their lives volunteering in the army, because of having no other job opportunities – they have no other choice than go in the army. That’s the people of the Tennessee mountains for ye. The poorest of the poor, and these poorest of the poor, btw, are white.

The stars go out and hold concerts for charity to rebuild Haiti, or bring food to Sudan, Somalia, or other war torn countries, of which they pocket a percentage for their performance. That there is absolutely no need for private donations from people, because of plenty of tax payer money going to these countries in form of humanitarian aid, economic aid, medical aids, etc. ( aside from the U.N. aid) is hardly taken into consideration by many of us, donating to charities of which rarely even 10% go to the intended cause.

Thus whoever you think of voting for on tuesday, keep in mind that these folks, seemingly enamored with Hillary have zero concerns as to the worries more than 80% of Americans face daily.
Trump may be a rough talker, at times, but he knows how to do business; and though he has and is been a self-promoter of his businesses to the point that it looked narcissistically braggadocio; he has never used public relations to advertise his Philanthropy, nor has he ever bragged about his uncountable good deeds, and they are uncountable. Ask the military, how he sent a plane to pick up soldiers – or how he sent a plane to transport a child in need of emergency surgery , and the list goes on.
Ask Hillary how much of her own hundreds of millions she has put into her campaign. NOT a Cent. She has not even invested in her own campaign; all paid for by the DNC , big Banks, Corporations, and the people’s donations.

Trump, on the other hand, is not running for President to enrich himself and he is putting up a lot of his own money to fund his campaign. He is doing it for one reason only – to help Americans have a better life. All Americans.

In God we trust



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