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Khizr Khan – The DNC’s biggest CONTROVERSY

Under Cover
By Korifaeus

Mr. Khizr Khan is the father of Humayun Khan, American Soldier said to’ve fallen in Iraq in 2004. All Americans are grateful to the men and women serving this country, especially soldiers who give their lives defending our country; for whom we have the utmost respect.

That soldiers familiar with culture and language of a country the U.S. is fighting, are often used for intelligence work, as in M.I.C. ( Military Intelligence Corps) able to also infiltrate into enemy groups, etc. , is a pivotal part of military operations / strategy. The Identity of any and all soldiers working undercover for MIC, or as covert agent for the CIA, etc,   – which means they “officially” die in order to continue their work under a new pseudonym – has to be held secret and protected; otherwise it jeopardizes the agent’s life, operation and the safety of troops, as well as the country.

The Democratic party chose to use Mr. Khizr Khan as propaganda tool against Donald Trump; the Khan’s being a gold star family, thus receive and deserve the respect of the American people. But due to the enormous controversy the Democratic party created by propagating Mr. Trump somehow disrespected the Khans because he asked a question, it brought more attention to the Khans and their fallen son, Humayun Khan.
And when getting that much attention one takes a closer look at the biography, as well as photos of their son Humayun.

Coincidentally, however, there are also terrorists who’ve gotten a lot of attention this year, in particular members of the terror group ISIS. Thus whenever reports of so called high ranking members of ISIS having been killed, makes the front page of news papers, or is headlined on TV news, we grow familiar with some of their faces, as well.

Thus looking at photos of Humayan Khan – when blessed with good photographic memory and not suffering from face blindness –  one may asks oneself, ” Where have i seen this face before ?” And then, …” wait a second. Isn’t that the same person as the one to whom i paid much attention  because it looked as though he wore a wig and added a unibrow ? …”
Abu Wahib, the ISIS member said to’ve died in May earlier this year.

It is not unusual to work undercover during military operations; but to use the name of what seems to be an undercover soldier/agent in a campaign ? Seriously ? How serious are we supposed to take anything when the striking similarity of these two men can not be refuted, and we’re most probably dealing with the same person, working under cover (?) under a different Pseudonym ? Humayun speaks perfectly Arabic, Urdu and English.
But to bring THAT much attention to it, as though an enormous effort was made to disguise an undercover agent, for the identities to be uncovered ?
How does that maneuver protect any soldiers or operations, when willing to jeopardize identities of undercover agents, just for campaign propaganda ?



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