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Are we still allowed to have a first choice ?

Attraction and Preference
By Korifaeus

Whenever i sat with women and/or men and a person walks into a public place getting our and my attention, while single, it’s not unusual to remark on whether it’s a type one could go for or not. Been there, done it, and i’m sure you have, too
A fellow walks in and though some women on the table may say, ” not bad”, while others may even think that could be their Mister Right, it’s not impossible that same guy won’t attract me in the least. And that is because i have a very particular taste in men, as does every woman; and every man has a particular taste in women.

If a man were to say, ” Not my type”, who could possible be offended ? No one, because it’s just a personal opinion. He didn’t demean the person, nor is it derogatory to state ” it’s not my type”.

But why aren’t so many Americans granting Donald Trump that same right to have his own taste ? What exactly is wrong with saying:” She would not have been my first choice ” ?
Nothing is wrong with that statement. Nor does it imply that the woman was not attractive nor attractive enough in general.

Remember, the word ” attractive” is relative, cuz it depends to WHOM she is attractive = who may be attracted to her. A lot of men may well be attractive to women, but not to me; and i’m sure there are a lot of women or men you don’t feel attracted to, either, even though they may be attractive to others.
Attractive is ” relative” to those feeling attracted to them.

Are we now stopping people from sharing their taste in the opposite or same gender ? Do we now have to be careful opining about taste ?
Broccoli is not my first choice; but….. if i was starving and there was nothing else to eat, i think i would compromise and eat the broccoli. But as long as i can make a choice and have my first choice it will be kale instead, cuz i prefer it in taste, smell, texture and vitamins.


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