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The Good BAD GUY versus the Bad GOOD GUY

Political Psychology 101
By Korifaeus

We have a tough choice to make in this 2016 election; and when comparing liberal news to conservative news it becomes even more confusing because each is the devil’s Advocate for their candidate of choice. News, real news, is not what we’re getting, and anyone believing at this point that what is presented to us in the media is NEWS, then …knock, knock, who’s there ?
It’s Political propaganda and not to be weighed in gold, for sure, which those with a bit more life experience – specifically when it comes to elections and the circus that comes with it – should be fully aware of at this point. The only one we should TRUST to reveal some TRUTH to us is our “ gut”, as well as reflecting on our own actions and behavior, past and present, in different circumstances and situations. And when doing so, be totally HONEST with…… ourselves.

If you’re a woman surely you have met some “ bad” guys in your days, as well as some good guys. And if you think back as to the public persona of the “ bad guys”, you may recall that they always tried to put themselves in good light in public, appearing as though they could never even hurt a fly. Privately, with a woman behind locked doors, however, it’s a different story and few will ever even think that man could possibly be a sexist, a wife beater, a domestic terrorist hitting his children and wife. That’s because the A-typical “ bad guy” is Mister Goody Two shoes in public. Not just in public, also with his buddies. The A-typical “ bad guy”, with no respect for women, will pretend to be offended when a buddy would make remarks like “ Boy, will ye look at those titties “. He’d tell his buddy, “ You’re disgusting”. A “ bad guy” would at all times pretend he is the most respectful and righteous fellow on the planet, so NO ONE could even THINK, let alone suspect, that he could be anything but NICE. Ergo, it’s calculated behavior that serves as a cover up, should a woman ever accuse him of having done something wrong. Those kind of fellows are referred to as Good BAD GUYS – Good on the outside but vicious, cruel and scary behind closed doors.

And then there are the Bad GOOD GUYS; those are the fellas who act like bad guys in Public, putting on the “ tough mask” and engage in sexual explicit and silly banter with their buddies, talking about meeting gorgeous gals, grabbing pussy, and what not. They do it for FUN to make each other laugh with all of the guys present fully aware each of them is just “ bantering” in stereotypical male fashion. It’s fishermen talk – the catches are always bigger than they actually were – fly fishing for trout sounds like Hemingway’s “ The Old man and the sea”.
They even make remarks about titty and pussy in public, right at the bar, because they’re being “ playful”, silly, funny and it never occurs to them that it could be taken any other way, because actually…they’re respectful to women; they treat women with respect. They treat their wives with respect. They’re great fathers, husbands, family men. They have no need to put on a goody two shoe mask; they’re good guys just putting on an act of sort; having fun.

Dogs that bark don’t bite
It’s the dogs who’re quiet and snarl ever so slightly underneath their breath, whose eyes turn to the “side” showing too much white of the eye, who’ll snap at you and bite; those are the most dangerous dogs. And when it comes to choosing between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, i have never seen Trump’s eyes turn to the side not raise his eye-lids exposing white of the eye above the iris. His head does NOT stay straight with the eyes turning to left or right. He turns his head to the side and his eyes will look straight at you.

Watch for the details and use your COMMON SENSE, which is all you need to make the right choice for you, for the country and the future of our children.




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