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Modern Day Slavery – Part 1

A Goat to the Rescue
By Korifaeus

For those proclaiming to be offended by some locker room banter heard on the now infamous tape, of a secretly recorded Donald Trump in guys-talk with Billy Bush, here the dictionary definition of the word “ banter”, since apparently some don’t know what the word means:
a brief exchange of banter: repartee, witty conversation, raillery, wordplay, cut and thrust, kidding, ribbing, badinage, joshing.

And for the grown up adults seemingly unfamiliar with private male behavior, as well as private female behavior, please know that in heterosexual circles the different genders’ primary conversation topics are :
1. The opposite sex
2. Sports for males/ Clothing for women

Boys and girls start talking about, and teasing, the opposite sex at approximately 4/5 years of age which is natural behavior and continues age-appropriately until the day we die. Little boys tease little girls in Kindergarten, and visa versa, and brag to their friends when they “scored” = they got a candy from a boy or girl, or a peck/little kiss, then giggle about it.

Growing up, guys and girls, exchange fantasies about someone they like with their friends, and laugh about it. That’s what sleep overs – starting in elementary school – are all about; the sharing of a crush they have, the fantasies, and the plans of how to go about it.

When reaching adulthood this very natural behavior continues, but due to being an adult it becomes more sexually explicit, but one word is never used when bantering with friends about the opposite sex and that is “ intercourse”. It’s either “ i wanna make Love to… “, or, “ I want to shtoop…”,or  I want to F…rhymes with luck. The genitals are not referred to by their scientific name, either, and the “ cute” term for vagina is “ pussy”. Pussy is and has never been a vulgar term; it’s considered a “cute” term. Whereas the C word, similar sounding to the German Philosopher Kant, is the vulgar term.

How any normal adult having grown up in the real world can possibly be offended by what was said between Billy Bush and Donald Trump, is befuddling, to say the least. Had we heard a Cardinal, a Bishop or a Pope say the these things, surely one could be offended because they are held to a different standard. Private people, however, are not held to a different standard than anyone else, and are not expected to live, speak and behave like Saints.

This country is supposed to be governed Of the People, For the People, and By the People, and People are Human beings with flaws – Human flaws.
Mister Trump acknowledges not being perfect, and as far as i am concerned he did not have to apologize for what he said eleven years ago in private; instead laugh it off as the silly banter between guys that is was.

Had the media NOT “ called for “ people to be offended, suggesting people SHOULD be offended, we would most likely have snickered about it; laughed it off. But many people do not dare think/act for themselves anymore, and have turned into Media Directed Robots reacting exactly as the media tells them. And THAT, my Friends, is the most alarming thing about the recent elections = the people’s turning into PROPAGANDA SLAVES,  appearing incapable to rationalize, reason and use common sense.

Those WITH common “senses” have long realized that we are dealing in Hillary Clinton with a WOLF dressed in sheep’s clothing, and in Donald Trump with a stubborn goat dressed in Wolves clothing. The reason he dressed as a wolf is because he noticed the sheep are without shepherd, and there’s a wolf dressed as sheep among them. Thus as Wolf he scares the sheep into making some noise, which exposes the wolf among them, cuz a wolf can not baa.

No species in the animal world is as fearless as the goat, nor as able to climb the steepest mount and get to the top. And that is exactly what we need in this country; a stubborn Goat who is fearless and doesn’t not back off until it’s goal is accomplished.

Only a Goat will fight the Bull


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