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What’s eating CNN’s Don Lemon ? Racism or Arrogance ?

Black Prejudice
By Korifaeus

Imagine you saw a white news anchor on CNN, with another white man invited on the show to be the support side kick, interviewing a black actor about remarks made by someone else. And while the black actor was nice enough to appear on the show, arguing his case to defend someone he knows very well, the white anchor and his white side kick laugh at the black actor about everything he is saying.
The reaction would be outrage, for sure, and the white anchor would be forced to resign after all civil rights leaders call him a racist, etc.

Not so, if it is the other way around and the CNN news anchor is black, as in the case of Don Lemon, because this exact same scenario occurred just a few days ago and i was astonished there was no outrage as to how Don Lemon and his side kick Charles Blow treated a white actor, Graham Beckel, who came on the show to defend Clint Eastwood. Truth be told, Graham Beckel wasn’t well prepared and it was difficult to understand what exactly he was saying, what exactly he meant to say; but that was no reason for Don Lemon to “ giggle” with his side kick Charles in a demeaning and belittling fashion, reminiscent of TMZ making fun of celebrities. We’re talking a news anchor on CNN – a “once” highly respected News Network, which has turned into a left-wing propaganda machine, one can hardly take seriously anymore; outside of Anderson Cooper. The way Don Lemon is belittling his “ guests “ more and more frequently, is more than just eye brow raising.

For those who did not see that interview i’m referring to, judge for yourselves; and yes, i agree, Graham Beckel was ill prepared for the interview; still, no reason to giggle and belittle his guest, nor for Charles Blow to talk down at him the way he did.

Don Lemon has also become increasingly “racist”, in ways of being prejudice, against white people,  which he made evident in that very same interview a little later on. He stated something to the extend that he experiences racism quite often, for example when he was on a plane and an older lady mistook him for a flight-attendant, figuring that was because he was black. Ergo; he appears to have a huge chip on his shoulder about being black, because…
guess what; most would think i, Korifaeus, am a very tall white female with leonine hair, and depending how i was “ dressed” i have also been mistaken for a flight attendant before i sat down. I have been mistaken for a department store employee; and i too, depending on how people were “ dressed ” have mistaken people for store employees, or for a flight attendant. But not once did the color of their skin ever occur to me – it didn’t have anything to do with ethnicity rather how they were dressed.
Did Mister Lemon happen to wear a blue suit and a white shirt, as he usually does, when mistaken for a flight attendant ?

Dear Mr. Lemon, sir, please get that huge chip off your shoulder and know that we are all treated the way we treat others. And if you are belittling people on your show, or play the race card, it is probably because you project your own mindset on others, and see prejudice and racism everywhere, because we all judge others by ourselves.
And should you ever be asked to resign from CNN, it will not be because you’re black, nor because your gay, but because of your attitude which has become increasingly pompous, arrogant and belittling. A great example of how professional news anchors on CNN once were, when it was still a respected news network, is Bernhard Shaw; he never saw himself as black; he sees himself as a “ person ”.


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