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The New Liberals – Beyond PC against Liberty

By Korifaeus


If you are one of the millions of Americans having witnessed last week’s witch hunt against Donald Trump, still wondering how exactly Mr. Trump insulted a Gold Star family, you’re not alone, because….
…all Americans were told by most every liberal media outlet, was that Donald Trump “ insulted” Mr. Khan and his wife – the parents of a fallen U.S. soldier. Making sure as many people as possible learn Trump insulted a gold star family, the liberal media willfully avoided telling people what exactly Trump did to “ insult” Mr. and Mrs. Khan. All we heard for days 24/7 was Trump insulted a Gold Star family.

But did he really, and if so , how ? What did he say ?
Mr. Khan gave a speech at the Democratic convention and made a snide remark about Mr. Trump, questioning if Mr. Trump ever read the constitution. Mr. Khan’s wife was standing right beside her husband and did not say anything, thus the following day there was some speculation in the “ press” if , perhaps, she was not allowed to speak because of her Religion – the Khans being of Muslim faith. And this is where Donald Trump’s supposed insult comes in ; he repeated the question of the press, asking, “ why Mrs. Khan didn’t speak, and if perhaps she was not allowed to, because of her Religion”. All Donald Trump did was to simply ask a question. And this simple question was the so called “ insult”. Thus according to the liberal media, as well as most every single Hillary Clinton supporter AND anti-Trump Republican, asking a “ question” is an INSULT (?) Pardon me, but is that American ? What ever happened to the first amendment ?

He said NOTHING insulting about the Khans. Not a single word. He said nothing negative about Mr. Khan, not a single word. Nor did he say anything insulting about Mrs. Khan, and he called their son a HERO. And that’s why the liberal media, etc made sure to only repeat the same phrase over and over again, and that phrase being :” Trump insulted a Gold Star family”, without explaining what he actually said, because had they done that, it would have been too obvious that no insult took place at all.
But, saying “ Trump insulted a Gold Star family”, would be blindly repeated by partisans and anti-Trump people.

Not Mister Trump insulted anyone, rather the media and all those trying to intimidate Mr. Trump in ways of STASI tactics. The best example is the way they turned his totally innocent remark of two days ago, into a threat of violence.

Mr. Trump made a speech about the Supreme court, how important the appointment of the next judges is, endangering the right to bear arms, etc. Then stating “ there is nothing one can do about it, although, the 2nd amendment people, who knows “
Every SANE person understood it to mean, 2nd amendment people VOTING against Hillary, or 2nd amendment people in congress and the senate voting against a Judge’s appointment. But not the liberal media, they heard something totally different; they heard and interpreted it as a call to violence.
And that is SO FAR OUT that it makes one question the mindset of these people, to interpret violence into a totally innocent remark.

The propaganda tactics used by the liberal media against any political opponent, is so similar to the Stasi textbook of the ” Zersetzungs” strategies, which makes it all the more concerning. For those unfamiliar with the Stasi’s Zersetzung’s methods, please see STASI ZERSETZUNG

ERGO: Evil can only hear and see evil in the most innocent of things. Don’t they realize that their horrid interpretation said so much more about THEM, than it said about Donald Trump ?

It’s much like the ink spot game played by psychologists, to see what a person’s mindset is all about. What ever people see in meaningless ink spots, using their imagination, will reflect their mindset. Some see doodles, some a giraffe, a dog, others a knight, and some see a monster, a devil, something terrifying. All, however, see the exact same ink spots which are totally meaningless UNTIL a person puts a meaning to it, interprets it with their OWN mind, seeing something according to their OWN imagination – no one else’s – and that is the oldest trick in the world to get a glimpse of the mindset of a person/people.

Please listen closely
Billy saw a Goat



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