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The Dangers of Political Idolatry

The Danger of Political Idolatry
By Korifaeus

Voters belonging to either party are often invited to have dinner with the Presidential Candidate, but actually invitations they are not; they’re fundraisers with enormous price tags attached more than 90 % of Americans can not afford. $35.000 for dinner with Hillary Clinton, hosted at a posh house of a movie star, is not an unusually high price to attend these affairs and sit with….one of our employees we elected to several offices, paid their salary and who wish to be employed by the people once again, as in the case of Mrs. Clinton.

And here is where we should all pay attention; A person wishing to be employed by “ The People”, to serve The People, is NOT sending out invites to wine and dine us, to persuade us to vote for them, much like it’s done with delegates. Instead they ask the people for MEGA $$$ for a chance to “ meet “ the Candidate. We, ‘ the People’ , their current or future employers – the ones paying their salary – are asked for MONEY to meet them; we’re asked to pay tens of thousands of dollars to meet them and help fund their campaign. (?)

Most shocking is that these mega bucks fundraising events are often attended by quite a lot of foreign moguls and oligarchs; meaning, foreign power players apparently help fund the campaigns of American Presidential Candidates, as well. Why ? To be fair, in the case of well established politicians like Hilary Clinton, she may well say that the foreign attendees are friends, but…. who’d take money from friends for a dinner date ? Friends come to dinner at one’s home and at the hosts expense.

For those who can’t afford to dine with their favorite candidate to see them up close and personal, campaign rallies exist; but if you’ve ever been to a campaign rally you know that it’s not even close to what many expect by way it looks on TV. Nothing is real, and most certainly not the signs people are holding up, regardless how home-made they may look. All signs, every single one of them, is from the DNC/ RNC, or made by the campaign team and handed to supporters after they’ve gone through security, then waited for quite a few hours until the Candidate finally arrives and begins speaking. Those in the first line “ may” get to shake hands with the candidate, or take a selfie, but most are disillusioned and will talk themselves into how great it was to’ve been so close to a candidate, having seen them in real life

This much for democrats treating everyone “ equal”. The very wealthy able to afford tens of thousands can attend a posh dinner and take a photo with Hillary, while the majority of voters are given the choice to pose with a life-size Hillary carton-cut-out to have a picture with her.

When did we succumb to Political Idolatry ? During the Kennedy years when the political elite began mingling with the stars of the silver screen ? President Reagan was the only Republican candidate also mingling with movie stars, due to his previous career as an actor; but outside of him there was just the Kennedys and …the Clintons who sought to share the lime light with matinée idols, knowing that there’s no greater card in the political poker deck of cards, with which one can win the people over, than the IDOLATRY card. Because Idolatry is based on “ blind believe” ; it does not seek to attract rational people insisting to see facts and evidence; it seeks to attract “worshippers”, much like any Monarchy is dependent on the adoration of its people, because with adoration comes loyalty. A very throughly thought-through concept by the democratic party to create blind “ followers”. The greater the desperation and hardship of the followers, the more they will succumb to servitude and do as is asked of them; having been made to believe that their “idol” is their boss, aloof that in actuality it is the other way around.

YOU are ” The People”
YOU are the ” BOSS ”
And in GOD we TRUST, and HE gave us these Commandments to hold dear:
1. I am the Lord your God
2. You shall have no other gods before me
3. You shall not make for yourself an idol


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