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Pelosi’s secret Private feelings about President Obama

The Left’s lack of Integrity
By Korifaeus

For the past few days i’ve been thoroughly combing through the emails of Mrs. Clinton, that were released by the State Department. Aside from some truly eye-brow raising and highly controversial emails, i’ll be publishing later this week – because all Americans and the world should know what really transpired in the middle east, which clearly comes to light in these emails – there are also gossip emails, from which one can get a very different impression as to how the left secretly felt and feels about President Obama.

Oddly enough, many of the anti-Obama gossip was spread via email by Mrs. Clinton’s supposed intelligence insider and apparent foreign policy advisor, Sidney Blumenthal.

Apparently Mr. Blumenthal felt it important to compromise Ehud Barak of Israel.

These are Screen shots of the emails
You can click to enlarge
Barak and Bibi

Barak and Bibi copy

Then there is Mrs Pelosi, former speaker of the House, who according to Mr. Blumenthal is said to’ve made this comment about President Obama, see screen shot below; which compromises not only Mrs. Pelosi, but the President. I underlined it in red. Why Mr. Blumenthal felt it ” important” enough to share gossip, is one thing. But why Mrs. Clinton, then Secretary of State, chose to have a very apparent gossip spreader on her team, whose regard for President Obama does not seem to be the highest, is more than worrisome, since she is now running for the oval office. A tattle tale talks behinds everyone’s back and can’t be trusted. Every child knows that, thus Mrs. Clinton’s judgement as far as having Mr. Blumenthal on her foreign relations and policy team, is highly questionable and concerning.

You can click to enlarge
Pelosi on Obama

Then there is email ,which was funny to me, because it states: Confidential; Please do not forward. And what happened a few hours later ? It was “forwarded ” by Cheryl Mills, ( Mrs. Clinton’s chief of staff) to Hillary Clinton. She may well have gotten permission from the original sender of the email to forward it, but… it does all look more like an amateur group playing a game called Foreign Ministry, instead of the most professional people a country has to offer, to run the State Department of the United States.

Do not Forward - Cofidential - Forwarded


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