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” CLASSIFIED” Clinton Emails – BOMBSHELL part 3

Classified, Confidential and Sensitive information
By Korifaeus

She never received “classified” emails, said Hilary Clinton uncountable times, as to the controversy of her having chosen to use a non-official email on a private server deemed not secure.
But, nothing could be further from the truth, which becomes quite evident after i’ve combed through hundreds of Mrs. Clinton’s emails that were released by the State Department and are available for everyone to see, on the official State Department Website. See https://foia.state.gov/Search/Collections.aspx

Perhaps Mrs. Clinton does not know what exactly the word Classified means, thus allow me:
classified |ˈklasəˌfīd|
(of information or documents) designated as officially secret and to which only authorized people may have access.

Let’s start with emails from Sid Blumenthal to Hillary Clinton, most of which are declared ” Confidential” due to the sensitive Information he supposedly received and shared with Mrs. Clinton via email, from the ” highest levels ” of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, Western Intelligence and Security Services.

This is a screenshot of the header of one of Sidney Blumenthal’s emails to Mrs. Clinton, from January 2 , 2012, and the first question one might ask is, how did he get to the highest levels of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt ? And if he had access to the Muslim Brotherhood – the group believed to’ve essentially been behind the revolution, and came out of nowhere, though post-dated as having been founded in 1928, even though no Egyptians have ever even heard of it – how come no diplomatic relations could’ve been established to the group to assure safety for the Egyptians, most of whom did not take part in it, nor did they even know about this group ?

You can click to enlarge


Much of what he stated in his emails was clearly ” Classified”, meaning not for everyone’s eyes to see and only for those authorized to have access to the email. How some of his emails, whose content slanders a close U.S. ally, can now be available for everyone to see, by which an innocent party is being smeared via the email, jeopardizes U.S. foreign relations. Thus why the State Department decided to release it, is questionable in itself; but i’m glad they did, so i could see it and alert the foreign Government mentioned in that email, citing the Muslim Brotherhood as source, so they take a closer look at, and are aware.

Then there is this email from Sidney Blumenthal, also cited as ” Confidential”, and when looking at the second part of that email, see below, one must wonder what the U.S.               ” contacts” to Hamas are all about. See part i underlined in red.

Sid - Confidential - Hamas.png


Sid - HAMAS.png

Mind boggling, too is why emails, which were released to the public, but blanked out either entirely, or partially, would not be considered ” classified” information, since it apparently still is classified; why else blank a lot of information out ? How sensitive is and was the information that it has been blanked out after so many years ?

Aplenty of blanked out emails were released by the State Department, thus whatever information is/was in there, could have jeopardized or compromised… something, had it gotten into the wrong hands, for example through hacking; and neither Mrs. Clinton nor the State Department has any assurance that the private server of the Secretary was safe enough to be used for sending and achieving confidential and sensitive information, and specifically ” classified ” information, which many emails evidently contained, otherwise they would not have blanked it out.

Screen shot of a Clinton email released by the State Department.
You can click to enlarge

Blanked out - WHY ? Sensitive ?



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