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Hillary Clinton Covers-up Quran Controversy – BOMBSHELL Part 2

Nato burns Korans
by Korifaeus

Combing through the non-secure Clinton emails, de-classified and released by the State Department, ( see Clinton Emails – State Department Website )
i was surprised reading the communication about the Koran burning by Nato. But shocking was the State Department’s knowledge of ” phony” Korans, as evident in the emails, see below, which continue to cause animosity toward Muslims, which the State Department under Mrs. Clinton could have straightened out easily via a Press Conference.

As you can see for yourself in this email communication, the State Department was being made aware that radical Clerics misused the trust and funds of the Saudi Royal family and bought printing presses to publish NEW Korans which contain hate speech against Christians and Jewish people. These fake Korans are often used to recite hateful verses, as though contained in all Korans, to use it as evidence against Islam, that Islam is a hateful Religion, and thus use it against all Muslims in general.

These are the fake Korans that have made it into the Internet and recited by anti-Muslim groups.

When Nato learned about these Korans, which were fake and distributed to prisoners, Nato burned them. No Muslim would fault Nato for burning these Korans, since they are blasphemic and phony publishings causing animosity toward a peaceful Religion and people. What is unconscionable is that the State Department kept this to themselves, instead of explaining to the public that the Korans citing hate speech are radicalized versions, willfully printed by extremist groups to radicalize young converts to Islam, unfamiliar with the real Koran, and misleading the general public, as well.

With all the hatred against innocent Muslims, Mrs. Clinton could have put a stop to it by addressing this very issue after having learned about these FAKE Korans.

Please see Screen shots of the emails,
You can click them to enlarge

Quran 3

Quran - 2

Nato burning Quran 1


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