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Hillary Clinton’s ” Confidential” emails. The BOMB-SHELL – Part 1

Un-Secured Servers
by Korifaeus

So today i decided to take myself a look at the emails sent and received by Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State; ye know, the infamous email scandal. I didn’t really think i would find anything worth while, or important, ‘cuz the unclassified documents thus far released by the media, where not interesting in the least.

But since the State Department itself posted all the unclassified emails on its site, thus all the emails made available to the public, i decided to take a closer look, and …? Well, there are quite a few ” confidential ” emails sent, forwarded and received by Hillary Clinton on her oh so infamous none-secure server. With information that may not be classified anymore, but immensely interesting, because reading it we learn things we never knew; things that were never covered in our news, or did you know of ” pogroms” having gone on in Kyrgyzstan in 2010 resulting in a half a million refugees ? Me neither.

See here, screenshots of the emails, as officially released on the State Department’s website.
You can click to enlarge



You can look through the emails yourself if you wish, here at the official State Department Website >  State Department – Hillary Clinton’s Secretary of State emails <

But what about Guantanamo ?
Were we ever given the impression that anyone else outside of Iraqis and other middle eastern Al Qaeda members were held at Guantanamo ? Perhaps i missed it in the news, but reading the emails, it’s the first time i learned that 17 prisoners were Uighurs ( ethnic group from China ) held at Guantanamo and released/sent to Palau.

See email, you can click to enlarge


But the most compelling email, as far as a HUGE faux pas by a Secretary of State is concerned, is this email, listed as ” Confidential”, where Sid Blumenthal confides his true feeling about our allies Britain and Germany. When it comes to Diplomacy, which should be ” the ” Art mastered by a Secretary of State, it’s not even close to the slightest use of diplomacy, rather reads like an elephant walking through a porcelain store; allowing “confidential” emails to travel through and from a non-secured server. Even more befuddling is why the State Department chose to de-classify this email and make it available to the public. To show us how Mrs. Clinton chose to jeopardize U.S. relations to our allies, by receiving/sending these unflattering remarks about Chancellor Merkel for example, via an un-secure Server ?

See email, you can click to enlarge



What one can gather from this email is that Sidney Blumenthal appears to’ve planned a Brexit for the UK, long before the UK thought about it ? Did then Secretary Clinton share Sidney Blumenthal feelings about Germany, our ally, which aren’t too flattering, for Mr. Blumenthal to feel encouraged to share in one sentence a disapproval of Cameron, a pre-consideration of a Brexit, thus Britain independent from the E.U., while at the end of the sentence  a critical non-approving statement about Mrs. Merkel’s Germany. My, my, what had/has Sidney Bumenthal and Mrs. Clinton planned ?

More discoveries of VERY Confidential emails that should have never been sent via emails, and especially not on a non-secure server, in PART 2.



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