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Speaker Paul Ryan asked to resign

By Korifaeus

It’s the first time in history of our country that the Speaker, of the House of Representatives, made it publicly known that he is not yet willing to endorse the presumptive nominee of the party; i.e., Republican party. The Speaker being Paul Ryan, congressman of Wisconsin and currently the speaker of the house, but ….not for much longer as it appears, because more than 10 million Americans having voted for Donald J. Trump in the primary, making him the presumptive nominee, are more than just disenchanted with Paul Ryan; they want him to resign as speaker. After all, the House of Representatives represents The People.

Not sure which Constitution Mr. Ryan adheres to, but apparently not the Constitution of our country, the United States of America; which Mr. Ryan does not appear to even be familiar with. If he was, he would surely know that his primary duty as presiding officer of the House of Representatives is to respect the Will of the people; and The People have made their will known; the people’s choice for nominee of the Republican party is Donald J. Trump.

For Mr. Ryan not to respect the Will of his employers, the people paying his salary, is nothing less than treason. The Law of our country DEMANDS him to support the presumptive nominee.

But apparently he prefers to be the mouth piece for Mitt Romney, the latter having started the divide of the party, propagating against Donald Trump, which was fine during the primaries and part of the game. But, the people have spoken; now it’s time to respect the will of the people and support Donald Trump, which Mitt Romney refuses to do, and Paul Ryan – instead of doing the job he was elected to do – represents Mitt Romney’s views in …the house ? Publicly ? It sounds rather hypocritical for Mr. Ryan to talk about trying to “unify” the party. Pardon me, sir, but were you, and your former running mate Mitt Romney, not the ones having divided the party ?

Even more befuddling are Mitt Romney’s attempts to discredit Donald Trump because he has not yet released his tax returns; this coming from a man, ( Mitt Romney) who, unlike previous candidates having released tax returns going back seven years,  chose to only release his tax returns of 2010/2011. Thus what did and does Mitt Romney have to hide, not releasing previous years ?
When pointing the finger at someone, three fingers point back at oneself.
Mr. Romney essentially discredited himself, due to having asked for Donald Trump’s endorsement in 2012, and praising him enormously during a press conference.

It seems as though Mr. Ryan, and Mr. Romney, are not too interested in beating Hillary Clinton this coming election. After all, Mitt Romney handed President Obama the Presidency without putting up a fight. Are they both Trojan Horses inside the Republican Party, not ideologically aligned with the party, rather with members of a specific establishment, the Clintons belong to, as well ? We should also remember at this point that Mr. Romney lost, back in 2012, because of picking Paul Ryan as his running mate, to whom a great many conservative Americans could not warm up. Ryan seemed too cocky, pompous, arrogant and the anthesis of what conservatism looks like. Just look at the pants Ryan wore when campaigning on as Romney’s VP ticket ? Five inches too long. Pardon me, but such pants are often seen on men belonging to questionable groups of eastern Europe, but not on elected officials of western countries. Conservatives in this country usually dress, exactly… conservative.
If Mr. Ryan wants us to believe he is “conservative”, i would suggest, first have your pants fitted properly.

You can click to enlarge
Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Announces Rep. Paul Ryan As His Vice Presidential Pick



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