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Mythical Harriet Tubman VS Legendary Frederick Douglass

Dollar Controversies
By Korifaeus

We haven’t really heard much about Harriet Tubman, the abolitionist soon to grace the 20 Dollar bill, replacing Andrew Jackson, when i grew up. She suddenly came out of nowhere only in recent years ; a mythical figure who only in recent years became somewhat known and mostly mentioned by feminists, to perhaps add a woman to the list of heroic abolitionists. And though Harriet Tubman may well have been known in her time as a slave who ran away; the subject of her saving seventy some slaves, helping them escape, was never taught in history class in American schools, until recently. Abolitionists like John Brown were far better known, especially also due to the fact that their efforts of bringing an end to slavery was well recorded and thus made it into history books, becoming legendary figures of the time.

Harriet Tubman’s story, however, is controversial due to the fact that her rescuing of slaves was based on her own story, according to those having created the story of the abolitionist Harriet Tubman; not however on the accounts by others; those rescued or having witnessed her actions. To add to the controversy, new stories were added as to her accomplishments, fictional accounts, and these stories of her many heroic acts came into being after the year 2005.

If Andrew Jackson was to be replaced with an abolitionist, and preferably an African-American, why was Frederick Douglass, one of the most exemplary African-Americans of the 19th Century, not chosen to grace the 20 Dollar bill ? A former slave of NATIVE American and African-American background, is the one who should have been chosen, and it’s a shame that this true American hero, a man of such statue and enormous achievement, stands in the shadow of a woman whose history was primarily created in the 21st century.


Did you go to school before the 21st century. And have you ever heard of Harriet Tubman ? Seriously, have you ? I bet you haven’t and i really like to see a school book in which she was mentioned prior to 1990.


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