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The UntrusTed Cruz

Dirty Tricks and Meister Spins
By Korifaeus

At first i thought Ted Cruz was kinda cute, reminding me of 1950’s television actors; He looked as though he could’ve been the brother of the Bonanza boys we never got to see. I figured he’s the kind of fellow who still says ” Jeepers”, or ” Golly” when getting real mad. His performance in the first debates impressed me immensely; he was steadfast, did not get involved in attacks, and made his points clear to the public in ways everyone could understand. But the image of smarts and a sort of innocent naivety i had of him, was soon erased by Ted Cruz’s actions. The TrusTED quickly became UNTRUSTed. Voters, like myself, became quickly disillusioned.

First was the Voting Violation sent out to American voters in Iowa; a sheet stating that the person received a Voting Violation, and i might add it looked very official, as you can see for yourself in the photo below. Further it stated that in order to null it ( paraphrase ) the person need vote for Ted Cruz.

You can click on the photo to enlarge

Most anyone having received such a notice was basically intimidated into voting for Ted Cruz. Perhaps he thought it was a clever thing to do, but he was terribly mistaken, because it was a dirty trick played on ” American Voters” – The people whose votes he depends on to get elected President. An attempt to intimidate voters into voting for a candidate should have resulted in a disqualification of the Candidate, ergo Ted Cruz. But the Media pretty much let it go after one day of mentioning it. There was no taking of responsibility  by Cruz, while constantly evading the questions about it, as well.

Aside from the Voting Violation, his campaign put out a statement in Iowa that Dr. Ben Carson left Iowa, so as to suggest he left the campaign, he is no longer running. This information was shared with polls in Iowa. He was seeking to get Dr. Ben Carson’s votes. Another dirty Trick, and that time it was against his fellow candidate.

Not long after, Ted Cruz had to stop a Campaign commercial about Marco Rubio, because it told a blatant lie that was soon rebuked by an actual video of what had in actuality taken place= the exact opposite of what the Cruz Campaign-ad stated. In response to stopping the Rubio ad, Ted Cruz apologized and made it known that he fired his Campaign manager, who, according to Cruz, was responsible for the ad, and he, Ted Cruz, would not approve of such things.

Though Cruz’s campaign manager appears to’ve been fired only ” officially” and according to the grapevine is still working for Cruz ‘ unofficially”. The latter is also quite apparent because the ” attitude ” and tone of the campaign has not changed in the least – on the contrary, it got worse and is still creating distasteful ads, and what dirty tricks exactly he is playing behind the scenes to have gotten the Delegates in Wyoming and Colorado, will soon come to light, as well, i’m sure.

Then there is The Enquirer story. I personally don’t care about the private lives of other people, but IF there is something to it, then it’s not a light-weight story about a celebrity, rather about a politician – a man in office striving for the biggest office in the United States. And IF there is a secret he does not want the public to know, he could be blackmailed, please see > The Private Sex Factor of Cheating Politicians

What is mind-boggling is that Ted Cruz, a lawyer, would just refer to the Enquirer story – which is libel and slander of mega proportions if not true –  as ” garbage” , and just that,    ” garbage”; instead of filing or threatening a lawsuit against The Enquirer if they don’t take the story back within a set amount of time. Very odd, to say the least.

In the meantime he is starting to sound more like a preacher of the Pentecostal church, than a man running for the highest office, because he seems to be speaking in tongues no one outside of him can understand; totally forgetting about making a case for himself and instead mentions  his opponent Donald Trump every chance he gets. And while he has currently ” 300 ” delegates less than Trump, he hams it up trying to make people believe he is way ahead of Trump.

People have grown so tired of Politicians promising everything they can pronounce during a campaign, but forgetting their promises as soon as they’re elected to office. What can we, the people, expect from a man who during his campaign has pulled one dirty trick after the other, holds his campaign manager responsible for an ad he himself approved, thus not even sticking to the people he hired ?
Another Richard Nixon ?

How much more evidence do we need to recognize that Ted Cruz is…exactly, UNTRUSTED



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