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Donald Trump comes clean in Unauthorized Autobiography

“Believe me”
by Korifaeus

Love him or hate him, you’ll still get a kick out of The Unauthorized Autobiography of Donald J.Trump, titled ” BELIEVE ME” , a seriously humorous parody, released as paperback on April 12, 2016, in which Donald Trump personally reveals secrets about his childhood, never previously made public and the real reason why he wants to become POTUS.

He starts out by, not surprisingly, his birth, which according to his mother – were she still alive – would be referred to as the most amazing experience she ever had. But aside from revealing some true insights no one outside of Donald Trump himself could possibly know about and were to this point kept perfectly secret, to assure no one could possibly use it against him – either during his rise as Construction Mogul nor his current run for the Presidency – he also shares details about policies, for the very first time, what he really thinks about ‘ lying Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and the woman he has come to know quite personally, Hillary Clinton. The revelations will come as a great surprise to the reader, if not to say a shocking surprise.

In perfect Trump fashion, never forgetting to assert every point he makes with “believe me”, his totally unauthorized autobiography, ” Believe Me” reads as though one hears the man speak close up and personal; he is speaking to the reader directly, bluntly and with an honestly that even Trump haters could come to like him due to the ability to identify with some of his choices, which all in all make him look all too human. A human with flaws – human flaws – comes to view, with no effort by him to deny them and at the same time a personable man who, as very evident in his very own unauthorized Autobiography, makes it more clear than ever how very politically incorrect he is while shedding a light on the private Donald Trump, few outside of his closest family members,  ever knew.

Most surprisingly, however, are his thought’s on Bernie Sanders’ lack of knowledge about socialism and Trump’s immense knowledge about countries believed to be Socialist countries, and how their health care and education system really works. Not the way Sanders wants young Americans – who’ve never left the country and traveled abroad –  to believe, it turns out

” BELIEVE ME” – The Unauthorized Autobiography of Donald J.Trump will give Trump haters the dirt they’ve been looking for, and present his supporters with inside stories which will make them love him even more so. Love him or hate him, ” Believe Me” is a thought provokingly treat that’s as humorous and funny as it serious and well worth a read for all Americans intending to vote in this coming Presidential Election 2016.

The Book will be available in bookstores near you nationwide, and booksellers online internationally as paperback by the end of this week, for an entry price of $5.99. Depending on market sales the price may go up soon. It’s already made available for purchase at Amazon
Amazon Link for ” Believe Me ” – The Unauthorized Autobiography of Donald J. Trump

Or you may order directly from Create Space for the fastest Delivery, here Order directly from Printer

Enjoy the read, getting to know the man behind the image up close and very personal.



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