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The Case FOR Donald J. Trump

A Builder
By Korifaeus

Like many fellow Americans, i too have experienced some harsh opposition from some friends aware of my interest in the Donald’s campaign. Especially on Facebook, friends noticing comments in support or defense for the front-runner, are quick to either snub one all of a sudden, or sent their ” How could you ? I thought you’re smarter than that ? ” PNs.

Thus allow me to explain and make my case for Trump, specifically the lacking detailed explanations as to how he intends to do what he envisions for America under a Trump leadership, which is what many are in uproar about calling him, dumb, stupid and what not.

Listening to any and all candidates i instantly take their profession into consideration to understand from which perspective they’re coming from;
Donald Trump is a ” builder”, he’s not an architect, designer, contractor or brick layer – he’s builder. And as such i don’t expect him to draw the design of the building he intends to build and show us the blue print.

A builder has a vision and needs to know which professionals are needed, thus hires those he deems competent to create that vision for him, while overseeing the process of the project. To expect Donald Trump to know Government statistics, like Marco Rubio, who recites his well memorized facts any time he gets a chance to come across as knowledgeable, would be foolish. Trump is not a number and statistic guy, nor a politician ; he’s a builder speaking from the top of his head, sharing the vision he has for America = to make America great again. And when he speaks he’s true to himself, not putting on an act, using humor,  is entertaining to watch, and doing so ” humanizes” the entire process in ways reminding me personally of Theodor Roosevelt, the greatest ” dealmaker”  in American history of any President and a man of the people, knowing how to speak ” not ” AT the people, but TO the people in ways the people can understand.

But let’s take a look at what he wants to accomplish when President and ask ourselves what’s so terrible about his vision, to be called a xenophobe, and what not ?
1. He wants to stop the corruption inside the Government and the wasting of the people’s money.
It’s long needed and few dare to say it out loud.

2. Stop illegal immigration
The left keeps attacking him and fellow conservatives and Republicans about that, making it sound as though they want to stop ” immigration”, while in actuality nothing could be further from the truth, and those not understanding the difference between immigrants and ” illegal” immigrants are the ignorant ones. There is also a great difference between documented workers and ” undocumented” workers.

An undocumented worker/immigrant is someone of whom the government has no knowledge he/she lives and works in the United States, possibly living along with hundreds of other undocumented workers in a cellar in China town, etc. As opposed to a    ” documented worker” who may not have gotten his/her green card BUT  is a parent of American citizens, i.e., children born in the United States, who go to school in the United States, receive Medicare, pay their taxes, have a social security number, a documented residence, thus ” documented ” workers.

The latter, ” documented workers” are not going to be send back to their country of origin, either, should Donald Trump’s vision of the “Illegal Alien act” become law, which seeks “not” to sent immigrants, nor documented workers, rather ” Illegal” aliens, back to their home country.

3. Build a Wall along the Mexican Border
If this ” wall” will literally be a wall, as in a concrete wall 1900 miles long, will be seen, and until Mr. Trump is President and can sit down with innovative people from the private sector to listen to all of what ” technology” of the 21st Century has to offer ( Solar powered laser borders, etc) i take it with a grain of salt and choose to interpreted it allegorically to mean a superbly efficient  protection at the border, allegorically a ” wall”.

4. Bring jobs back to America
It’s a commendable idea and surely a deal can be made with American companies exclusively manufacturing in foreign countries like China, etc. ; from clothing manufacturers/designers like Dona Karan, Ralph Lauren, Gap/ Old Navy, etc. to Computer manufacturers like Apple, etc, to Appliances manufacturers, and the list goes on. Outsourcing has become a big problem, and if Trump has a vision believing there are some deals to be made, i’m willing to give him that chance to see what he comes up with once he’ll acquaint himself with the inner works of government, listening to ideas of a well put together team of innovative thinkers.

5. Strengthening our Military and help the vets
First he’ll need to take a close look as to what it all entails, once he’s in office, ‘cuz Military spending is the biggest piece of the pie as far as Government spending is concerned. The same goes for helping Veterans, and can only be accessed once he’ll know what exactly is needed and what it is that can be done. But to allow positive changes to take place, one has to be willing to give him the benefit of doubt, the same as we’ve given previous Presidents making campaign promises, who did not do as they said.

Point being, he’s a ” builder” and that’s what we need to keep in mind when listening to his speeches, and i much rather give a chance to a builder who has built many things, making his visions a reality – and doing so created thousands of jobs, including but not limited to his Reality Show which was a highly rated and successful show that also created a lot of jobs – than to Politicians who have done nothing but collect their annual checks from the people, after being elected to an office for the promises they made to American voters = their employees, and ended up working NOT for the people but for the lobbies and mega bucks contributors to their campaigns.

The fact he is a billionaire bothers some people believing that’s all he’s about, money. But think about it, would you prefer to have someone with debt in the White House with a chance he may corrupt to pay off his debt ? A billionaire, who has it all, has less of a chance of being corrupted, or bribed with money, to fulfill favors, thus that too speaks for him.

He has a good relationship with his Ex-wives, thus was able to create a harmony for the benefit of the entire family and his kids; gets along splendidly with his children (his adult children work for the company), all of whom have exemplary manners, are well spoken and none drink, smoke, do drugs or have ever been involved in scandals bringing shame to their parents, which also reflects positive on Mr. Trump. And his wife, former Super Model Melania , would make an elegant first Lady.

Ye know, disregarding his occasional self-aggrandizement, which i’m sure he only does because he knows Americans as a whole, generally speaking, have a tendency to enjoy living vicariously through the wealth, glamor and accomplishments of successful Americans and celebrities, he actually seems quite humbled expressing a huge THANK YOU to the people, in most every Facebook post of his, as well as his speeches filled at all times with great generosity of spirit = he is genuine.



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