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How the New York Times lost all Credibility

Anonymous sources say
By Korifaeus

The New York Times, a once highly renowned newspaper engaging in superb journalism, employing eloquent and respected journalist exclusively, could well be on the same level as the National Enquirer after today’s article about Donald Trump. It may well be true what former WSJ reporter and since 2010 the Albany Bureau Chief for The New York Times, Susanne Graig along with David W. Chen, writes about Donald J. Trump, but the lack of evidence and quotes of ” anonymous sources” voids the article of all credibility.

One might also and should long have wondered what exactly it was for which  Ms. Graig received several Gerald Loeb Awards, since specifically this article lacks even the slightest amount of investigative Journalism, which would be the minimum to expect of a major Newspaper like the New York times. Instead, it reads like a report from an amateur blog or supermarket tabloid.

I mean at the very least she should’ve taken the time to page through Donald Trump’s book, ” Crippled America”, to learn that he did fully disclose his assets and everyone with a tit-bit of common sense can get the picture of what he does and doesn’t own, has and doesn’t have, including his net worth and licensing revenues, etc. It’s the most detailed and honest report any Politician running for office has ever made public.

Perhaps Miss Graig should ask Mrs. Clinton if she would be as forthcoming as Mr. Trump to make her income, etc as public ?

Two paragraphs of Miss Graig’s and Mr. Chen’s article, see link Donald Trump in New York jump from the page as to lack of credibility, quote :” One contractor, who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of being sued by Mr. Trump, said Mr. Trump underpaid on one large job, at one of his towers, by almost $100,000.

Thus in order to discredit Mr. Trump the credible source is a supposed contractor whose name is not mentioned because he wishes to stay anonymous ? And his fear of being sued is… because of a false statement, or why would he fear a law suit from Mr. Trump if telling the truth and having evidence as to his statement ? Surely the reporter saw the evidence, so as to assure herself what the man said is accurate ? But she did not feel the need to assure the reader that she saw it, to confirm the truth of said statement.

But it comes better; here another paragraph with which Graig and Chen attempt to discredit Mr. Trump, quote: ” Fifteen companies with ties to Mr. Trump owe banks in excess of $270 million, according to his Federal Election Commission disclosures.”

Companies with “ties” to Mr. Trump ? Seriously ? And what kind of ties are we talking about ? Companies once working with or for Trump ? What does that have to do with Trump ? How does it relate to Trump ? That’s like reading a tabloid stating, ” An Insider asserts that…. ”

Oddly enough these ” insiders ” are never named and everyone knows that the ” insider” is but the reporter him/herself not having the courage to say something nasty about people they personally don’t like and hide behind the ” insider” who says……



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