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America held Hostage by Black Racism

Divide and Conquer
By Korifaeus

I’ve never thought about this issue of racial inequality, of a different kind, until reading about an accusation of White Supremacy by a Black Lives Matter group, in the news yesterday. A black group held a meeting in a public library, paraphrase quote, ” Blacks and non blacks of color only “.
I personally have no clue what they meant with ” Non-blacks with color only”. Hispanics, Olives skin people, but no one who can’t sport a slight tan ?

Be as it may, the Library, as i understand it, told the group they can not hold a “black only” meeting in a public library, because they’re federally funded and it would be against the law not to allow people of other ethnicities to partake. The group, in return, are now calling the decision against a black-only meeting, an act of ” White Supremacy”, believing a white person may have complained about it, when learning about a blacks-only meeting in a ” public” library.

But what if it was the other way around, i wondered after reading the article? What if a group of white people held a ” Whites and non-whites without color only ” meeting in a ” public” library ? Black community leaders would instantly accuse the library of racism, call for a boycott against the library and file a zillion dollar lawsuit against the city, state, and federal government. Not to forget a most likely riot, with cars over turned, stores destroyed and plundered, ’till a curfew is called.

And this issue of racial inequality of a different kind, is something i had never thought of before. Wasn’t the Civil Rights Movement about Racial equality ?

Today i looked through my Facebook and saw a poignant and thought-provoking Post by Mayor of the Airwaves, radio host Rhett Palmer, which stated the following :
” If there are black film festivals, should there be white film festivals ?
If there are black music awards, should there be white music awards ?
Seriously, i don’t think there should be either.
(Black TV/ White TV)
End separation now.
Come together.

Over me ! ”


He has a great point and though i’m a big fan of the Beatles and began humming the song ” Come together” the moment i finished reading his post, another song came to mind which i began singing right after. Stevie Wonder’s ” Ebony and Ivory”, living in perfect harmony…., which was and continues to be a brilliant song, due to cleverly pointing out the keys on every piano; black keys and white keys, always playing together and creating the most elaborate ” Harmonies”.

This was a time when people came together, sang together, worked, laughed and cheered together, and it’s still the case, but….. a small minority seeks to benefit from racial divide on BOTH SIDES, trying to talk people into believing that’s no longer the case and keep stirring their flock against one another other.
It’s always those benefitting from racial divide creating the divide, and the ones benefitting the most is the Democratic party, who keep propagating an enormous existence of racism, to make the same campaign promises for the past 50 years, only so to assure themselves the black vote, without which they can’t win. They don’t speak of ” poor Americans”, rather try to make it look as though POVERTY is most prevalent in the black community, encouraging black people to feel victimized and call for special laws to further equality.

While yet, poverty in this country has no relation to race, nor racial inequality and is most prevalent amongst white people, and it does not relate to the percentile of the black versus white population.

Trailer parks, where poverty is in staggering numbers, are inhabited primarily by white people. Drugs and alcohol abuse is part of it, and crack areas of inner cities and other, where many live in abandoned buildings, are inhabited by black and white alike.

The poorest area in the United States, where many, in this 21st century in the United States, one of the richest countries in the world, have no running water, no electricity and still use “out houses”, is the Appalachian trail. The poverty in the south is beyond anything black Americans would ever experience, nor are they aware such poverty – true poverty – even exists. No politicians ever visit these areas to shake hands with these American voters for photo ops. Nor are these people ever mentioned in campaigns, and most certainly never pandered to. They’ve never heard a campaign promise, aside from that, they wouldn’t know; many don’t have TV, and battery-powered radios are used to listen to music to cheer themselves up, instead of news.

And though true poverty and homelessness effects white people in far greater numbers than black people, Democrats encourage black people to believe they’re left out exclusively to succeed in their American dream, promising again and again to fight for them, to assure themselves the black vote.

Mrs. Hillary Clinton sees racism everywhere, but not within the party of course – racism, according to her, exists only in the Republican party and thus tries to scare Americans whom she personally divides into separate groups of Hispanics, Blacks and Women, that UNLESS she will be President of the United States, these groups will see their rights taken away.

Americans were enthused to vote for President Obama, in hopes it would unite blacks with whites, because whites have long gone out of their way to fight for the rights of black Americans. But racism is now worse than before his Presidency and Mrs. Clinton is trying to incite even more Divisionism to pander to black voters by propagating a new word, ” Systemic Racism”.

Just ask yourselves this; WHY did Mrs. Clinton choose to INFLATE the word racism, by coining and propagating a new term, ” Systemic Racism”.
To heal wounds or to open up old scars ?
And then you’ll know who’s behind the sudden new emergence of racism visible primarily in he news and media, and supporting black racists in their attempt to hold the country hostage.




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