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GOD for Political Purpose

The Sacrilege
By Korifaeus

Not that it’s already enough for Presidential Candidates to use their Religion for Political purpose, pompously declaring themselves as men of God, while their actions contradict what they want people to believe, as in the case of Ted Cruz. A good Christian, a true man of God, would not have played the dirty tricks on voters and fellow candidate Dr. Ben Carson, in Iowa – and that’s when my support for Ted Cruz stopped instantly.


Throughout the history of the United States, there was no mention as to Religious affiliation by Presidential candidates to appeal to voters, until the 20th century. Important were their IDEAS as to what they intended to accomplish to create progress, keeping the American dream alive for ALL Americans, with no mentioning of different cultural background to pander to a specific ethnic or Religious group. Candidates appealed to American voters = just Americans, regardless the color of their skin, cultural background or socio-economic class. All were ” equal”.

But times have changed and Americans allow Politicians to divide the nation into black and white, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, etc and subdividing Christian communities into Catholics, Evangelist, Baptist, etc. Division serves one purpose only and that is to conquer and subjugate a nation, as in Divide and Conquer, an infamous english strategy.

But now the Pope had his say, too; and though he didn’t address Donald J. Trump by name, his statement about building walls instead of bridges clearly referred to Mr. Trump. A person building walls, according to Pope Francis, is not Christian. This said, the highest walls surrounding any country, regardless how allegorically this statement was possibly meant, is the Vatican; it’s a fortress, thus who is calling the kettle black ?

Candidates seek endorsements from Religious leaders, and the one with the most endorsements is apparently deemed the most pious, or better Christian, by their supporters ? How does the Republicans’ stand of Pro-Life concur with God’s commandment ” Thou shall not kill”, when supportive of capital punishment ?

Candidates advocating their Religious believes as guiding their conscience when it comes to creating new laws, are also in violation of the First Amendment, which states:
” Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

This nation is a Nation under GOD – not a Religion. Not in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism nor Hinduism we trust, but in GOD we trust;
A God under whom ALL Man are Equal.
And that is America to me.


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