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Hillary Clinton – The Feminist Candidate

To be or not to be equal
By Korifaeus

The main objective of Hillary Clinton’s campaign appears to be the fight for equality, one gathers from reading the posts on her Facebook site. She sounds more like someone running for the Presidentship of a woman’s rights group, than for President of the United States, and often times sounds as though she’s speaking to women of Ultra Orthodox Jewish Communities who are forced to sit in the back of the bus, sit in the back in a Synagogue and walk behind their husbands. But while Mrs. Clinton has no problem taking campaign Donations from Orthodox Jewish groups, she is far from addressing the inequality of their women, instead projects inequality on every woman in the United States, which comes across as grossly hypocritical.

Integrity is not a personality trait Mrs. Clinton could pride herself with, either, after acknowledging to’ve accepted salaries from Wallstreet for speeches, while at the same time promising to fight Wallstreet. How can one promise to fight Wallstreet when at the same time accepting money from Wallstreet for speeches ? Such actions lack integrity.

Her campaign may well be the best funded Campaign, outside of Jeb Bush’s, but the worst when it comes to campaign strategy, which includes the creative process of advertisement. How little attention, really, is paid to it becomes apparent when looking at some of her Campaign commercials, where she not only sais the words ” fighting Homophobic Inequality “ but it’s also added in Letters for everyone to read. Shouldn’t that have been edited out, to at least try to cover up the blunder ? Or, does she really intent to fight ” Homophobic Inequality” ?

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 3.01.26 PM

A once quite feminine and likable person, generally speaking, for whom women felt sorry after her husband’s marital side stepping made headlines in the media, has turned into a hard and angry woman who wants us to believe she is going to fight for women’s rights. If that was indeed the case, why then does she not sound “passionate” about the issue – specifically since she consistently wants to remind us that it has been her fight for 40 years ? If, after 40 years of fighting for women, she still sees inequality, what exactly has she accomplished in those 40 years ? In the meantime, listening to her angry, harsh and hard voice, with occasional hysteria, and seemingly out of control scream attacks, America is starting to feel sorry for Bill Clinton, now feeling far more tolerant and understanding why he may have side stepped occasionally ?

Instead of coming across as passionate about the issue, she sounds angry – constantly hollering at the top of her voice, harsh, hard and way too loud, with a testosteronic undertone to sound tough, bordering on hysterical outbursts that seem more frightening to a regular voter, than comforting and reassuring.

Anger comes from hurt and her angry outbursts and demeanor reflect not a woman passionate about trying to help other women, rather a woman who is trying to help herself – a scream for help – insecure about herself – not having been able to achieve the status she envisioned for herself as worthy to be accepted as an equal. Unless she is President, the first female President of the United States, which seems to be her actual goal, instead of serving the people.

Her self-awareness that she has lost likability and may not get to the White House makes her now come across so desperate, she promises to take on every single issue she can possibly think of, basically trying to scare the most vulnerable and underprivileged Americans into voting for her, even having some posts translated into Spanish, to… ?
…to pander to Hispanic non-citizens ? Possibly illegals of California who have a driver’s license, thus registered at the DMV and thus get Voter Registration Forms sent to their homes, and are able to vote WITHOUT having to provide evidence for their citizenship, as it has been done in California for years and years ?

Oh yes, i’ve made an effort calling Sacramento some years ago, repeatedly, trying to find out why Voter Registration Forms are sent to NON- Citizens. I called every single office in Sacramento, left messages, my number, was connected from one person to another and no one gave me an answer, nor had the decency to call me back. In fact, some hung up the phone, when finally i got hold of some officials.

In order to become a Citizen of the U.S. one has to take a test and show one is able to read, write and speak in English. Where is there equality when trying to pander to Hispanics by writing in spanish ? Why are they outcast, as though their english is not as good as the english of other Americans from different lingual backgrounds ? Or are they receiving special treatment ? What about equality ? Why not write in Persian, Hindu/Urdu, Korean, Chinese, German, etc. for the ones of those backgrounds, too ? Unless of course, there is pandering to non-citizens going on ?

Last night, during the one-on-one debate with Bernie Sanders, Mrs. Clinton showed us what she’s really made of. When trying to defend herself as not being part of the ” Establishment” she basically let us know that she is sexist. She said, paraphrase, that she couldn’t possibly be part of the establishment because she is a “woman” running for President. What does ” gender” have to do with establishment ? It was a “sexist” answer by which she revealed that she does not see herself as an equal. Thus if SHE herself is unable to see herself as an equal to men, what’s her argument with which to fight for women’s equality ?

Equal pay for equal work. Will female tennis players have to win 3 out of 5 sets just like the male players at the U.S. open, which rewarded $.3.3 Million to men and women winners alike in 2015 ? Or should men ask for more Prize money, since female players have to only win 2 out of 3 sets ?

And while Mrs Clinton is trying to project her victim attitude, of not feeling equal, on other women, American women are far more daring, self-sufficient, and comfortable in their femininity, with no desperate need to become President to feel confident about themselves, because unlike Mrs. Clinton, they are aware of their accomplishments and achievements.



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