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Alzheimer Mystery finally solved ?

The Logical cause of Memory loss
By Korifaeus

We’ve been hearing increasingly more about Alzheimer’s disease – the most common form of senility. Another disease, causing memory loss, is dementia. Both are called diseases; a terrible word really, ‘cuz it sounds so infectious.

In the old days dementia was said to be caused by calcification of the brain. Other terms of forgetfulness at an advanced age was Professor syndrome – when a person had accumulated a vast amount of knowledge, thus took some time trying to recall names, etc.

Our medical experts are quick to diagnose vast forgetfulness in a person as a disease and appear not to be getting to the actual cause of this …. epidemic, is it ? A forgetfulness pandemic ?

I remember in the 1970’s Doctors prescribed apple cider vinegar drinks with honey to older people showing signs of senility, if it was believed to’ve been caused by calcification. After all, vinegar decalcifies. And though memory loss can well be related to calcification, too, especially when taking Vitamin D3 supplements along with calcium tablets, leading to hypercalcaemia due to the increased absorption from D3 supplementation, the increase of memory loss may have a very natural reason, too, and nothing to do with a ‘disease’.

Our bodies are essentially the same bodies as they were a 100 years ago. Our memory capacity only has a certain amount of giga/mega bytes. The byte capacity of our memory cells has not increased for the past 100 years. And though it used to be a sufficient amount of memory capacity to learn and live ’till a ripe old age, the byte amount is no longer sufficient.

100 years ago we didn’t have to learn so many new things, much of which we don’t even need in life. We didn’t have to learn how to drive a car, the different street signs, rules and regulations, after we already had to stuff our brains with 80% useless material we learned in school, on top of the basics. Reading, writing, math will be remembered, but much of what we learned about history, geography, chemistry, etc, unless we choose to make that our profession, will be stored in the “soon to be deleted” chamber of the memory cells because we don’t need it, but… need memory space, because…

… we have to learn how to use a computer, learn using the smart phone, the iPad, remember the plot lines of the books we read, the movies we saw, the lyrics to the songs we heard, aside from the professions we end up practicing, regardless what job it may be, it need be learned, thus memorized = memory bytes are used.

Just think how little, generally speaking, our forefathers had to learn 100 years ago, to know all they needed to know for life ? As opposed to what people have to learn nowadays ?
Is the actual cause of memory loss, in the majority of cases, due to a limited amount of memory space, which when full, begins to delete some memories no longer appearing relevant or needed, to keep going ? In that case, memory loss would not be a disease, rather an automated adaptability function of our brain.

As far as calcification of the brain, as seen in brain scans; the push of Vitamin D3 supplementation in recent years, is one of the major causes according to recent studies, with many Physicians warning about the D3 supplementation leading to hypercalcaemia ( too much inorganic calcium in the body ending up in joints and brain).

Click to see link of U.S. National Library of Medicine

Since the adding of vitamin D3 to milk, there has also been a significant occurrence of kidney stones in children and young adults. Thus the supplemented milk is surely not helping in the fight against Alzheimers, Dementia, etc, while we’re experiencing a possibly natural memory deletion to make space for new memory data.

What will the future hold ? We don’t know, but history may soon be forgotten


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