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Terrorism Reports IN QUESTION

False Flag strategies or blatant lies ?
By Korifaeus

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Not a week goes by without some sort of terror threat or terror act reported in the news, and while these media reports have apparently not caused terrorists to dwindle, Americans, and people worldwide, are being willfully traumatized to the point of fearing to go Christmas shopping in malls, or enjoy a relaxing family night out at the movies – afraid that specific mall or theater may be next on the list of terrorists, with specific malls throughout the U.S. mentioned DAILY in the news as potential targets.

Whoever these terrorists may be we don’t really know. What we do know, with sufficient evidence provided by the media itself, is that the MEDIA is frightening and traumatizing the population, not the terrorists. The media causing fright during the Christmas season and doing so have a negative effect on the economy = ” American business owners ” having already a difficult time to pay the rent for their stores, due to online purchases, thus forced to close shop in malls, since many people are avoiding malls because of reported terrorism threats.

But WAIT,… if all of what we are told is the truth and nothing but the truth so help them God, and terrorists are seeking to bomb malls, as reported in the news, should one not take it for granted that security guards and law enforcement is on high alert the moment suitcases, huge bags, etc. are left unattended at shopping centers ?

A few days after the San Bernardino shooting i went to a mall in Los Angeles and upon seeing this ( see photo) – the apparent possession of a homeless person placed next to the entrance of the mall – i was taken aback, not sure if i should really walk on because…. what guarantee is there it’s not a bomb hidden inside all these filled bags ? It was not my rational mind, rather my gut, allowing me to continue walking into the store, ( after taking a photo of it ) because my rational mind was manipulated by media reports, thus instantly suspicious, alert and cautious.

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With SO MANY terrorism threats and a country on high alert, as reported in the news, how is it possible that such a mount of full bags can be placed and stay in front of a store for hours ? But that’s not a rare sight. One can witness it on every block in New York City and cities throughout the country. Homeless carts filled to the top everywhere and none of them, even if the homeless person is not familiar ( as many are in the different neighborhoods) evoke suspicion or caution, while the population is told ISIS is a well-organized terror group ?

As any law-abiding citizen trying to do the right thing, i immediately reported a sighting  i found VERY ODD to the San Bernardino Sheriffs Department, as well as to the FBI. The unusual and rather odd sighting was on the internet. The day of the San Bernardino shooting, later that night,  i googled the Inland Regional Center, to see who the directors are, etc. possible disgruntled former directors or employees, since at the time the shooters weren’t yet known.To the right of the google page, the map came to view and this is what it looked like, which was VERY ODD

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Thus i clicked on the photo with the man holding a rifle and this page appeared, see photo. Alarmed at what i was seeing i immediately made a screen shot.

You can click to enlarge
Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 3.51.40 AM

The next day i checked google again, but the appearance of the search page had changed, with the photo next to the map no longer visible. Instantly i sent the screen shot to the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department page of Facebook, via PM, as well as the Police station, specifically because it states on the top left ( see photo) Inland Regional Center – December 2015.

Thereafter i checked the Facebook page of the Inland Regional Center, looked through some photos, when suddenly i saw several photos of patients wearing a strikingly similar orange bracelet as worn by the man with the rifle in the photo.

You can click to enlarge


I called the FBI in San Bernardino, spoke to a lady answering the phone, telling her about the photo and the bracelet. She was not interested to take a close look at the photo – not asking me to email it to her, saying they already have their suspect. Fair enough, but in an active investigation doesn’t the FBI look at all and everything for possible leads ?

It’s my nature to investigate when things don’t add up at first glance, thus i googled the name of the reported shooter, Syed Rizwan Farook and found this photo, amongst others. A man taking a selfie in his bathroom. As you can see this “appears”( at first glance) to be the same bathroom, though apparently much neater and clean, as the bathroom in the photo below that.

You can click to enlarge

Here the photo of what appears to be the same bathroom as in the photo above, taken by media and broadcast worldwide, allowed into the home of the reported shooters after the Police investigated the home.

You can click to enlarge

NOTE* A Facebook user with a great eye, having looked at this article, pointed out to me that the bathrooms are not identical, the fixtures and light-switches not being the same and he is absolutely correct. Thank you, sir. ( i would mention his name to give him credit for the observation, but do not know if he wants his name mentioned. Nevertheless, please know i greatly appreciated your keen observation, sir )

Having said that, why was it so messed up, after the investigation, with photos ending up in the bathroom ? Why was the media allowed into the home to film it and take photos to be broadcast internationally on TV and Internet ?

Within no time, photos of Syed Rizwan Farook started changing and began resembling the ID photographed by the media inside the reported shooter’s home. Photos, formerly tagged as Syed Rizwan Farook are now tagged Syed Raheel Farook, the latter reportedly being the brother of Syed Rizwan Farook. The brother, Syed Raheel Farook appears to have a child about the same age as his brother, as seen here in this photo, or it’s a photo taken with his nephew/niece, ( child of Syed Rizwan ?) as seen in these photos below

You can click to enlarge


Assuming this is Syed Raheel Farook, the brother of the reported shooter; why would he take a selfie of himself in his brother’s bathroom, since it’s evidently the same man in the bathroom as the one in the photos with the child ?

The world was also told the name of the reported female shooter, Tashfeen Malik. Tashfeen, however, is a very common ” male ” Urdu ( Pakistani) name. It’s quite rare for a female Pakistani to be named Tashfeen.

A few days later the photo of Tashfeen Malik was released and the first thing attracting my attention were her eyebrows, which looked like penciled in eye brows toward the nose, or groomed in, done exclusively in Tajikistan where women cosmetically create the appearance of a unibrow, which is a traditional beauty mark in Tajikistan. Tajikistan happens to be one of the countries were the most recruiting for ISIS is reportedly taking place.

You can click to enlarge

One too many things do not add up in these terror reports, and the San Bernardino investigation, as reported in the news, makes even less sense. Of course it could be a False Flag strategy by which the public is told a very different story than the actual one, so not to jeopardize an investigation, with false reports leading the actual suspects into a different direction enabling Law enforcement to get to the culprit. If that was the case and done to keep America safe, surely we wouldn’t mind white lies for the sake of our safety and the Law enforcement catching the bad guys.

BUT… if so, why allow the Media to traumatize and frighten the people of this country, especially now during the Christmas season – a time for families to relax after a year of hard work and ruin American businesses and stores, with folks fearing to go shopping in malls ?
THAT makes NO SENSE at all. And until we get an honest answer we have no choice than look at much of the Media as FEAR MONGERERS who’re trying to ruin America, thus the actual entity causing terror and fear.

In a Humane World there is space for responsible Journalism, as we were used to prior to the 21st Century.

Stay tuned for part 2: FBI investigation – Eye brow raising oddities



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