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Identifying the REAL evil doers

The hidden Agendas
By Korifaeus

We’ve heard a lot about terrorism since 2001 and just as President Obama announced his defeat of Osama Bin Laden, the word Al Qaeda was hardly heard of afterward. The moment the Syrian Ambassador to the United States was sent home, however, and the Embassy closed, is the moment the ” Rebels ” appeared in Syria. The Rebels caused havoc, but apparently not enough to scare anyone in the region, and suddenly a group, not previously heard of, called ISIS, ( lead by a man whose name is said to be Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and said to’ve been arrested by U.S forces in Iraq, and detained in Camp Bucca in 2005 until 2009, according to the former commander of Camp Bucca, Colonel Kenneth King ) made itself known with videos of beheadings, widely broadcast in the news.
That was the first time we heard of ISIS, whose actions seemed so inhuman, gruesome and beyond violent, it scared anyone watching the news. And that’s exactly the moment when EVIL, like we’d never been exposed to in our country, began.

The way the media began reporting on ISIS actions, with no journalistic ethics nor sensibilities, made it look as though they were WILLFULLY trying to cause fear – in fact, it started resembling a PROPAGANDA campaign of the third Reich, but this time around aimed against Muslims.

There is hardly any journalism, real Journalism with ethics and moral, in TV news anymore. Those living in areas with little or no contact to Muslims, fall victim to Media Propaganda and start believing and repeating all the media tells them, turning into Islamophobes and start spreading hatred on the Internet against ALL Muslims, as well – thus the evil circle is created. The media thus succeeded in not only causing FEAR, but creating a Voice-army volunteering to spread hatred against an entire people, just as MEDIA succeeded in causing prejudice against Jewish people during the third Reich.

And though we’re constantly reminded of the Holocaust and how Propaganda caused folks to turn against an entire people belonging to a specific Religion, those now posting hatred while never even having been in the middle east, nor ever having met any Muslims, Arabs, etc. appear not to have learned from history, or, … are of the same mindset as those having allowed Pogroms to happen.

But regardless the fear mongering by the media, 24/7, it is not them committing this evil of creating prejudice and hatred against all Muslims, even though how they go about it is highly unethical. It is the regular News Watchers ” wanting” to believe what the media tells them and goes on the internet posting hateful messages against Muslims – all Muslims. The same way regular people went out and threw stones into the windows of Jewish owned businesses during the third Reich, spitting at those wearing yellow stars, hollering vulgarities at them when seeing them on the streets.

Only the most ignorant can be stirred against an entire people and their Religion, while they repeat hog wash they saw and heard from the Media, like the word ” Islam”.

The first time RADICAL Islam, that was ethnocentric, came about and actually called ” ISLAM”, was with the founding of The Nation of Islam by a person, Wallace D. Fard, who came from out of nowhere to Detroit and disappeared just as mysteriously from view. Prior to that this word الإسلام‎ nowadays pronounced ” Islam” ( Al Islam) was pronounced ” Al Salam” = the Peace. It reads “Al Salam ” = The Peace. There is no i anywhere and it’s puzzling why anyone, supposedly able to read Arabic, would pronounce it Al Islam. Those using the word ISLAM aren’t Muslims; they’re either pretenders, or converts to something that has nothing to do with Al Salam and recite verses NOT from the original Koran, rather from the 1649 falsely translated version of Andre’ Du Ryer, which was translated back into Arabic, and other languages. Btw, THAT version enabled France to find allies to conquer the Ottoman Empire where Christians, Jewish people and Muslims lived peacefully side by side, as anyone who may still be alive having lived in the Ottoman Empire, will tell you.

To blindly believe and repeat something, without being able to actually verify if it’s really the truth, thus able to cause prejudice and hatred against an entire people, is the root of all evil, and that’s exactly what these terror groups fighting in the name of ” Islam”, want to accomplish = to cause hatred against all Muslims. The same way Pogroms, prior and during the first world war, and anti-Semitism, prior and during the second world war, succeeded only because they had help from people ” willing” to believe all they were told.



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