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Hello ISIS, et All – Something you may want to know

Hello ISIS
By Korifaeus

First let me say, whoever you are, that everyone in the world is allowed to worship as one pleases. You, too, may worship as you please, so why not just do that and allow everyone else to worship God as they please as well ?
Second, i don’t believe for a moment that you’re either Muslims, nor God loving people at all. No one believing in God would ever harm any species created by God out of spite. You can’t be real Muslims, either, because no Muslim would act in ways that could cause harm to their fellow Muslims, by which the actions of a group reflect on an entire people, causing prejudice and hatred against other Muslims. The only people who would do such a thing are a people who WANT to create prejudice and hatred against Muslims.

You also couldn’t be Muslims, because otherwise you wouldn’t be calling it ISLAM ; there is no ” i ” in the Arabic Alphabet and as you may know it is spelled Shin – Lam – Mem and pronounced SALAM and that means “Peace”.

Another very obvious thing that gives away that you’re not real Muslims is because you recite the ALCORAN verses from the 1649 translation Version by André Du Ryer, a French orientalist, who translated the Koran into French and that translation, which was in those days already considered highly flawed, was the version translated back into Arabic and eventually published and translated into many other languages.

If you were real Muslims you would know that, and surely not recite from that translated version of 1649 ?

Thus, who are you trying to fool, while the whole world is watching, fully aware that you’re neither God loving people, nor Muslims ?

By the way, Allah is the Arabic word for God – it’s not a different God, just a different language for God. The same way Dios is the Spanish word for God, or Adonai the Hebrew word for God, etc. Muslims in english speaking countries say God, too. Jewish people in Israel often times say Inshallah, and if you were a bit more familiar with how we’ve all come together a long time ago, you’d know the song INSHALLAH made famous by Adamo in the 1970’s.

I suggest you find yourself the real Koran if able to understand the poetry, allegories and metaphors and understand that it’s a book with suggestions as to how one can live in PEACE, and dietary laws so to remain healthy – and then you’ll see what a fool you’re making of yourself ‘cuz there is not a single verse inside that book suggesting violence, wars or killings.

GOD’s Law set forth in every Religion says :

لا تقتل
तुम्हें मार नहीं करेगा
לא תרצח
You shall not kill

Now can we have some peace please, ‘cuz i’m starting to really be fed up with all this terror stuff and wish to have a relaxing and wonderful Christmas time, with LOVE, JOY and lots of LIGHT.



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