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Facebook is run by Robots not by People ?

Computer Readers
by Korifaeus


Like many people selling a product, including publishers, i too have taken ads on Facebook promoting different books recently released by Korifaeus Publishing. Ads run from one day to a week and there has never been a disapproval of any of the book ads, which i began about a month ago. A recently released poetry book, titled ” Lucifer Speaks”, which is neither Satanic, nor promoting Satanism, and most certainly not adult content, rather an innocent and philosophical book allowing Lucifer to give his side of the story in rhyming verse.

But regardless the praising and expressing of love for God the book entails, it is a poetry book, not a book with ” adult content”, and that is the point.

I’ve had ads running for the book and all was fine, until a couple of days ago when i received notice from Facebook that an ad about the very same book was disapproved, after it already ran. Then i received another notice from Facebook stating the new ad that began running for several days, was disapproved, after having been approved. The reason, according to Facebook, was that it had adult content. I should edit the headlines and resubmit, the automated explanation stated.
I edited the headline, from ” No need to fear the devil anymore”, to ” No need to fear Lucifer anymore”. It was rejected again and the rejection notice stated i should go to the help center. I did that, wrote an explanation into the little window, that it appears to’ve been an error.

Again it was rejected and when i once again explained there must be an error, i realized that no human people could have possibly evaluated the ad, nor the content, instead all was automated by a computer. The reason why it was most probably rejected was because a very Religious person may have “assumed” this is against God, due to the term ” Lucifer”, and reported the ad as adult content, to which the robot/computer reacted by stopping the ad, even though the book has it’s own Facebook page, thus the same content.

Thus to try and straighten out the error i took another ad, but this time to report the error to Facebook, hoping a REAL Person working for Facebook will see it and review its content. I attached the link for the book, the ad was approved, received likes, and after a couple of hours the ad reporting to Facebook was also disapproved.

See ad Facebook Blocks Ad for Poetry Book

Well, how to get in contact with Facebook ? How to speak to a real person at Facebook ?
It’s virtually impossible. Even when receiving the ad approvals and the receipts via email, it’s sent by a ” Non reply email”.

Okay, i thought, let’s try contacting Facebook’s facebook.
After sending a private message, not receiving an answer, i wrote my concern underneath a post on Facebook’s facebook. The response i received some time later did not appear to’ve been from a real person, though, because it was as generic as their automated answers. Nor did the supposed person responding review the attached link for the post, i inquired about.
Facebook has two facebooks, thus i wrote also a comment on their other Facebook.

I’m not only a user of Facebook, i’m also an advertiser; one of many who create for Facebook their profit. And while Facebook has our emails, we’re unable to email them, even though we, the advertisers, create their profits. Is that fair ?

Amazon, one of the world’s biggest companies, can always be contacted and it’s one of the most professional businesses i have ever dealt with. Regardless what question i have, Amazon responds within several hours ” Personally” – a Human Being replies via email and explains everything in detail and takes the time to review possible problems with their own eyes. And the email is sent from an email one can reply to.

Not Facebook, however, from which one receives exclusively automated emails, with no human person appearing to even look at the content, which seems to be responded to by a programed computer.

I personally find that utmost disrespectful how they’re dealing with their business partners, which advertisers are. Will i run another ad on Facebook ? If no human being has the decency to review an ad personally to evaluate for themselves that it doesn’t have any adult content, i most certainly won’t. I like to deal with real people, not robots.



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