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When the BEE evolved into a Human

The Tall Tale
by Korifaeus

Imagine the world was once not just peaceful, but filled only with harmony and serenity and all the animals got along just fine. Paradise. That was before the existence of humans. And one day, one single tiny little bee, a curious and mischievous one, was getting bored of living the eternal life of a mother bee, and wanted to try out her stinger, to see what happens. The Princess kissed a frog, poetically speaking, though in reality it was a mother bee, ( queen bee ) who stung the frog.

The Bee’s DNA slips into the frog, its eggs mutate, the offspring has fluff on its skin, the exact structure of bee fur, a new hybrid comes about – out of which a species evolves which will be the only mammal ( outside of Foxes, but that’s another story )with slit pupils like reptiles and amphibians, the cat.

Long story short, the cat turns into a great cat and tries something new again and mates with a boar; the result is the first species with Manus, hands, is born – a man.

Man evolves into a homo sapiens, and by the time this new species homo sapiens populates the earth, paradise begins to dwindle. And why did all this happen ? Because one single mother bee was so nosy, stung a frog, etc. and started the entire evolution process leading to the creation of mankind.

What if a single bee was responsible for the human evolution ?
Would the bees be upset with her, now having to work for man ?

This is pretty much what one could wonder about after reading, The Tall Tale a history thriller written from the point of view of a bee, who remembers how it all began and how she stood eye witness to the consequences of having stung a frog, eventually completing the evolutionary cycle by evolving into a human being. The bee’s memory opposes everything we’ve been taught about history, …….

More about the book, please click here THE TALL TALE

The Tall Tale - Front Cover


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