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Debates for the Shallow Voter

Pop Culture
By Korifaeus

If you saw both Republican debates yesterday, it was obvious, i would think, that the first one – with the four underdogs Bobby Jindal, George Pataki, Rick Santorum and Lindsey Graham – stood out. This was due to Rick Santorum and Lindsey Graham, both of whom looked sophisticated and came across as well informed and extremely knowledgeable.
The real winner of both debates, the first and the second, was Lindsey Graham, there is no doubt in my mind, regardless of what the polls may say. He was articulate, knew what he was talking about and on top of that had great wit, which connected fabulously with people in the audience.

Lindsey Graham has always been my favorite member of the different committees, because he always asked clever questions. For example,

Lindsey Graham, as opposed to most of his fellow candidates, doesn’t have any apparent vulnerabilities; neither in his voting record, personal life, nor lack of intelligence, thus there’s nothing really a fellow candidate could attack. And while he’s along with Jeb Bush probably the one fit to be President, he’s not even on top in the polls of his own state. It’s quite puzzling, because he is REALLY smart, but WE are not paying enough attention because he lacks ” glitz”. That’s really what it comes down to in this 21st century of mediocrity, in my opinion – Superficial Showman ship.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, as mentioned in a previous article, appeared to’ve figured something out, it seems, and that is that the majority of voters are not interested in listening to knowledgeable remarks, especially not when going into detail about numbers.
To sell a President to the American people, nowadays, one needs to approach it like selling a product – like selling a food product to the masses. The Catch-Phrase on the Product is what evokes attention and interest, like, Organic, or Fat Free. 90 % of people will not look at the ingredients. If it states ” 100 % Pure Honey” the product is bought, even if it lists as ingredient 1 % honey and 99 % corn syrup, because we live in the era of the short attention span.

Another thing Donald Trump appears to’ve figured out is that we’ve had the lowest voter turn-outs in history in past elections. But folks watching morning talk-shows, like Jerry Springer, etc. to see people bark at each other, hit each other, or Reality TV Show fans of the Kardashians, Wrestling show fans, they too are potential voters and these folks are fed up with Washington and lost faith in Politicians, believing their vote doesn’t matter anyhow, thus they didn’t vote. These people are in awe of ” Celebrity “, which has achieved ” smart status” in our pop culture society.

And those are the people The Donald apparently focuses on, because they’re satisfied listening to catch phrases, whereas details, as to how one intends to do this or that, would bore these people.

Listening to the pundits discussing polls and candidates, they seem out of touch with what the United States is made of = not just sophisticated people wanting to hear some rational ” how to plans”. The media, of all things, seems ignorant about the taste, desires, and NEED of the majority of American people who don’t know the names of different foreign leaders, either, thus won’t fault Donald Trump for his lack of knowledge in Geo-politics. When honestly admitting ” I don’t know “, as he did, these people can identify and THAT’s the KEY for his voter appeal = people will vote for the person they can most identify with.

He doesn’t use academic terms nor words to impress a ” minority” with an intellectual vocabulary. He’s pulling a 21st Century Teddy Roosevelt on the campaign trail; a man of the people, speaking in ways even high-school-drop outs can understand. He’s not trying to attract the attention of political scholars to vote for him, rather THE PEOPLE – ALL of the PEOPLE; people who slur and swear at home – say nasty things about their neighbors – are God-loving but can’t quote verses of the Bible – and want America to be great again. And that, the latter, is all they want to hear ; Make America great again.

A simple and uncomplicated Catch-Phrase everyone can understand.




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