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Fashion Trends to look sloppy and ill

The Trend of looking ill
By Korifaeus

First let me quickly note how and why the painting of red fingernails came about. There was a time in history during epidemics, when everyone in a community had to go once a month to the City’s assembly hall to get a ” clean bill of health” from the Doctor. They literally received a ” bill of health” – a document with monthly stamps from a doctor. This was during epidemics to assure the well being of the community to prevent pandemics.

People had to stick out their tongue, for the doctor to evaluate the color, etc. He’d look into the eyes checking for abnormalities,( white of the eye, etc). The skin, looking for rashes, the lips, checking the color, as well, and show the doctor their hands, so he could take a close look at the ” color” of the fingernails. The fingernails of healthy people are pinkish.

With time it became known that red lips were a sign of health – as well as pinkish, thus red hued, fingernails and toenails. When men would go out to find themselves a wife, looking for the healthiest specimen to bare them healthy off spring, young women began rubbing berry powders unto their lips, cheeks and fingernails to increase the redness of these features, to project health. Eventually it became a tradition and instead of fruit powders, henna, etc. red lacquer and lipstick was used to enhance these features.

Red is a natural color, the color of our blood through which lips, fingernails and cheeks receive that reddish/pinkish hue.


Blue, on the other hand, is a sign of ill health, thus it’s puzzling to me how blue fingernails were able to become such a fashion trend. We, generally speaking, have a tendency to blindly follow fashion trends regardless how absurd they are, since fingernails are not blue on human being who’re ALIVE. Thus why color ones nails blue, when wishing to enhance one’s appearance ? Make-up is applied to “enhance” one’s appearance, is it not ?

Mascara is applied to make the eye lashes look more luscious = healthy.
Pink blush is applied to create red cheeks = healthy.
Red lipstick is applied to make the lips look fuller and red – healthy.
Blue nail polish is applied to ….. ? You tell me ?

French manicure made the tip of fingernails and toenails look super white to project cleanliness. Then i started seeing black painted fingernail tips, wondering to what purpose that was done. It looks like very dirty fingernails. No one would go into town without first washing one’s hand after having worked in the yard, but that may be a much cheaper trend than having to put black polish on the tips to make em look dirty ?

OIL CHANGE – the new Nail polish for trendy young women. Now you, too can look like an auto-mechanic, a sexy look. Coming soon ExxonICA Perfume made of 100 organic crude oil.


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