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Why PRO-CHOICE is the ONLY Answer

Saving Young Lives
By Korifaeus

I’m a staunch Conservative; not moderate, centrist, or other, rather a staunch conservative and as such i try to take a conservative approach toward most everything, also socially – which could be called socially liberal, but that’s a misnomer because the word liberal does not imply the protection of rights, free opinion and choices – the word conservative, however, does ; Conserve = to protect.

In regard to lives, all life, i’m also a staunch conservative, in favor to protect all Life, and that’s why i am Pro-choice. A woman’s choice to choose. If Pro-lifers were truly pro-life ( for life) they, too, would be Pro-Choice and here is why.

Abortions have been practiced for hundreds of years. In the dark ages women would either go to abortionists who weren’t medical professionals and usually found in some dark alley, hidden from view. Women fearing they’d be outcast for getting pregnant out of wedlock would acquire the assistance of such abortionist for a fee and since these abortions were performed in unhygienic environments, using unsterilized tools, many young women died due to infections. Those who survived would many times end up not being able to conceive or bear children, because of a botched abortion injuring the uterus, etc.

Women unable to pay the fees asked by abortionists in those days, tried aborting the pregnancy themselves, guided by ‘self-abortion’ pamphlets, whose instructions read, as hard as it may sound, putting a knitting needle into the vagina, etc. Needless to say, many young women died from inner bleeding, bleeding to death..

To protect young women, some of whom were raped, thus getting pregnant through a violent act, Physicians/ Gynecologists began performing abortions ‘ secretly’, to assure the safety and well being of young women, specifically under aged women. This was done ONLY until the end of the first trimester of a pregnancy. Lives were saved. Existing lives were saved. Women no longer needed to die or their bodies butchered due to having fallen victim to a rapist.

When listening to Political candidates, of the Republican party, running for office, they advocate Pro-life, asserting they’re against abortions EVEN in case of rape, or to save the mother’s life. The mother’s life, a life that’s already existing, and a possible mother of other children, is thus not as important to these pro-lifers as the life of the unborn – be it an embryo or fetus that hasn’t yet breathed the ODEM of LIFE, as stated in the Bible. Genesis 2 Verse 7: … and God blew into Adam’s Nose the ODEM of Life and thus Adam became a Living Being. All ‘ Living’ breathes the ODEM of LIFE. That which does not breathe the ODEM of life, is thusfore not living YET.


But let’s go further. In case of rape, a most heinous and violent act, the recovery from such trauma is already so horrifyingly difficult, to which pro-lifers pay apparently no mind to. They wish for rape victims to suffer even more and not only be reminded of this violent act, but forced to bring up the child of the rapist. A child that may grow to resemble the rapist, with the mother, throughout her life, reminded of the traumatic incident when she fell victim to a rapist.

These women are not given the right to put the trauma behind them, living a full life and given the choice to mate with someone of their own choosing for their seed to go on.

Pro-lifers thus choose for the seed of a rapist to go on, so his gene may not die out, and bring forth more fruit in which is the gene of a rapist.

Is it not a conservative approach to assure the well being of mother AND child ? To assure the child will be loved and nurtured by the mother to grow into mentally and physically healthy human being ? While yet, many women having been raped and forced to give birth to the child of the rapist, give the child up for adoption, unable to bring up the child due to trauma.

In many instances the adopted child will learn it was adopted, and many adopted children learning about it, start feeling subconsciously rejected, at times looking for their mother. God forbid they’ll learn why they were given up for adoption. And that, too, is apparently not taken into consideration by Pro-Lifers wishing to enforce their ‘ Religious’ believes upon other people.

Every woman should have the right, the God given right, to do with her body and her life, as she pleases; she alone is responsible for it, no one else. The body is the only true property of every species.

Dear Pro-Lifers, as long as you don’t do what you consider to be a sin, God will not punish you. You will not be punished for actions by others, thus why not put in the effort to live a sin free life and allow others their right to live by their choices and adhere to their personal believes, as well ?

How can you call yourself Pro-Life when the life of the mother does not matter to you, should the unborn endanger the life of the mother ? You’re also for Capital punishment, thus have no problem taking the life of those having committed murder. Where is your pro-life ideology when it comes to capital punishment ?

And while you don’t want to allow your fellow human beings the choice to do with their bodies as they please, GOD is far more tolerant and gave man FREE WILL.

Thus if GOD gave man free will, why dear Pro-Lifers, why can’t you respect the Will of GOD ?



2 comments on “Why PRO-CHOICE is the ONLY Answer

  1. Bad Wolf
    August 21, 2015

    This is my position, nearly word-for-word.

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