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The Trump Appeal

by Korifaeus


He’s bold, loud, self-aggrandizing, pompous, arrogant, ego-centric and no one can compliment Donald Trump better than he. He’s according to all standards of Politics the most unlikely to appeal to American voters and yet his poll-numbers are going through the roof.

Like him or don’t like him, he’s no fool, in fact, he is brilliant and here’s why.

Each of the Presidential candidates, Republican and Democrats, try to act composed, strong and knowledgable to project sophistication, good behavior while pretending to be all embracing of all ethnic groups, Religion and people in general to not step on anyone’s toes. Not the Donald, however, who is just being himself, not putting on a mask to appeal to voters.

He’s not acting differently in public than he acts at home, and that’s the refreshing part Americans like about him. He’s genuine. We don’t question his promises, wondering if he really means what he’s saying, is straight forward and not afraid to offend anyone.

His fellow candidates appear not to’ve noticed that times have changed, but The Donald has and recognized that acting with bravado gets people’s attention. We’re living in a fast world of loudness, after all; a world where reality shows, as mediocre as they may be, get more attention than well written and clever sit-coms and dramas. Thus that’s exactly what he’s doing; he’s creating a Reality Show, a real reality show that’s non-scripted and not directed – the reality of the Race to the White House – and that’s flat out brilliant.

As undiplomatic and self-destructive his approach may seem, specifically at the debate, he’s telling the people the truth – the truth they’ve long been craving to hear ; the truth that Washington sold out big time – that he himself bought Politicians so he could ask favors.

Unlike Marco Rubio and most every Presidential Candidate and Politicians currently in office ( outside of Ben Carson, perhaps) Donald Trump is not in the pocket of a wealthy billionaire or self-interest group for whom he’ll end up working. Unlike the Clintons, who, according to Hillary Clinton herself, were dead-broke when moving into the White House, Donald Trump knows all about the finer things in life – he’s not going to be impressed by making friends with the Hollywood crowd or supper with foreign leaders. He’s been there – did it, done it.

He doesn’t even have to ask voters to donate to his campaign or to the Republican party, constantly reminding everyone he’s VERY wealthy; nor does he have to buy campaign ads on TV or Radio. The media knows he brings ratings – HUGE ratings – thus they give him all the air time he wants. And voters not feeling pressured to donate to the Republican party or his campaign.

Yes, of course it went a bit what far after the debate, with the rampage against fox’s Megyn Kelly and then some. But that’s what a real Reality Show is all about. It’s about confrontations – causing outrage – keeping our interest – keeping us ‘ entertained’ while he has our attention – and that’s why it’s brilliant; he knows how to run a Campaign in the 21st Century.



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