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Extortion Practices by Charities

Wasting Donations
By Korifaeus

Charities are a wonderful thing…… when the donations go to the right place. Giving to charity is also commendable, especially when donating items or money to respectable charity organization that make a difference in people’s or even animal’s lives.

We have more registered non-for-profit organizations per capita in our country than any other country in the world, and some of them do a lot of good. But while some of them do a lot of good, the MAJORITY of non-for-profit organization take advantage of our system to greedily and unscrupulously enrich themselves.

Everyone, i’m sure, gives gladly to a respectable charity from which we know our dollar, or donated item(s), goes to people in need, but when giving to charities to later learn they squandered our money, or personally enriched themselves with it, it makes us angry – and rightly so – it’s scandalously unscrupulous.

The ” asking for donations” has become a nuisance in this country and it’s generally starting to make people angry, not only because of the unethical business practice by some organizations, but because one is currently constantly approached to donate.

I don’t know if the following goes on in  every city or town – it’s not going on in New York to the degree described below, but…. been to Los Angeles, lately ?

I went to the supermarket and am asked by the person at the register if i want to donate a dollar for breast cancer. Prior to entering the store, was a homeless man asking for some change. At another supermarket the person at the register asks if i wish to donate a dollar to another charity. When donating, one’s name is put on a heart sticker and put up on a wall, next to the stickers of fellow benefactors.

At just about every supermarket one is asked if wishing to donate, while next to the credit-card-thingie is a look-through plastic container for donations, as well.

I go to a local Coffee franchise, order a coffee and am asked if i wish to donate a dollar to some cause. The week prior i was asked if i want to donate a pound of coffee to soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Fair enough. Outside the coffee place, however, is a homeless-regular who cordially asked if i could get him a coffee, as well.

Outside the health food store, a half hour later, are some youths trying to get me to donate to World Peace. A few feet next to them are yet another two youths trying to get my attention to join the fight for gay rights.

Finally home i open the mail, most of which are donation requests from charities, or a $100.00 Dollar Check i can cash when opening a bank account at that particular Bank. A lot of Banks now sent $100 checks to persuade us to open a bank account with them, in return for the 0.1 Interest they’ll willing to give us for depositing our money with them, with which they do business.

It was not unusual for charities to sent personalized items along with the donation requests; address stickers, a Diploma with one’s name on it from a Veteran charity, pens, or a package of Christmas/ Season Greetings cards.

This was from charities as a thank you AFTER having already donated. Now, however, charities are bolder than ever and try extorting money from us by trying to make us feel guilty not to donate, because ……..

…. they sent CASH right in the envelope. Numerous charities have been sending a dollar bill with the donation request. A whole dollar bill.. And that got me thinking; how many such envelopes are sent to folks nation wide ? A million ? Two million ? Ten Million envelopes ? In a country of 300 million people it’s most likely that at least a minimum of a million folks receive an envelope with a dollar bill from these charities; which adds up to … a million dollars.

It should speak for itself that the dollar is put back into the envelope, with a note attached, stating :” Pls use as donation”, and returned to sender.

And the following is by far one of the boldest charities trying to extort money for donations.

This HUGE package arrived from ” The United States Deputy Sheriffs Association”.
If unfamiliar with charities one could easily believe it’s from a Governmental Agency associated with the Sheriff’s Department – the very reason why that charity picked that name. Uncountable fraudulent charities existing only as P.O. Box, use officially sounding names because it projects authority, with which they try to basically scare folks into donating.

And what’s inside the package ?

1. A personalized ( by golden looking sticker ) giant plastic calculator, leftover from the 1980’s. 2. A personalized ( also by gold-colored sticker) calendar booklet. And a check for $ 2. 50 . All of it packaged to the ninth, along with a ” First Class” return envelope for the Donations.

Pardon me, but is THAT how you’re using the donations ? Squander the money like that ? YES, as their letter provides their answer to that very question while once again using the ” guilty conscience” tactic by explaining how the donation helps officers putting their lives on the line for us.

What should alarm anyone, and should definitely be looked into, are the checks sent by charities, as seen above. When depositing the check, the check returns to the bank of origin and the Organization can request it and get a hold of the transit number and your bank account number, and considering the hackings going on in recent years, the account can be plundered.

Thus when we receive a check with a $2.00 amount, we should ask ourselves WHY an organization want to give us money while asking for monetary donations.
Donor beware



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