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Are you Better off now than we were a 100 Years ago ?

By Korifaeus


Are you, your family and friends better of now than your family, grand parents, etc were a 100 years ago ? If you’re under the impression you are, allow me to remind you of a few things we forget at times – the most important thing of society – and that’s family.
In general, look at our children; are they untroubled, optimistic, and healthy ? Or are they trying to fit into a scheme forcing them to get pierced, tattooed, dress up like under-aged hookers, use vulgar language, get high on pot to forget all they learned in school, or college, while over eating to the point of obesity, developing illnesses way before their age, and at the same time lack total and utter respect for their elders, a well as motivation ?

That’s for the most part the picture of modern-day youths in western society, and that includes Europe.

But what about you ? Do you still have time to relax after a long day at work, or do you have to hurry to your second job, since one job is not enough to support and feed your family ? When finally home, do you still have the energy to cook dinner for your kids, look after their homework, spend some quality time together ? And on your days off, do you have the energy to spend time with your spouse ( who is also holding two jobs ) and kids ? Or would you prefer to be left alone, feeling tired, irritable when the kids, or your spouse, want to share some things with you, thus end up yelling at them, because you’re totally overwhelmed ?

What about your health ? Do you feel healthy, or have you been seeing your Doctor who discovered you’re suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol ? Do you have time for your Baby, or do you have to bring it to a day-care center, where the baby is fed with formula, because you had to go back to work before the baby is 6 months old ?

A 100 years ago families consisted of a father, who only needed to hold one job to support and feed his family and buy a house, and when he came home at night, the dinner was cooked by the wife, with the entire family sitting at the dinner table and everyone sharing what they did over the day. Afterward they’d resume into the living room where they’d talk some more, or listen together to the radio.

Kids were brought up by the mother, who stayed home and tended to their needs, as well as to the household. The most debt a family would in general experience was at the corner store, the butcher, where at times they’d get a credit to be paid off at the end of the month. Everyone has sufficient to eat and even poor folks, were never really poor, instead had always sufficient to feed their family, even if the kids had to wear the hand-me-downs from their older siblings. No one starved, and those who’d really experience more difficult times would receive help from the Church ( or Salvation Army) through the donations ( Alms basket) from the Congregation, kept aside exclusively for the poor.

Homeless people, as we know of today, did not exist and came first into existence in the U.S. in the 1980’s.

Occasionally folks went to the Doctor, affordable to most everyone. A tailor, sowed a nice new suit for the Doctor; the butcher paid with some sausages or meat, the baker paid with bread, the farmer with produce, if unable to afford the fee, which wasn’t much in the first place. Doctors were not in it for the money in those days, nor did they have to buy unaffordable insurance forcing them to charge patients enormous sums of money. Instead they were in the job to treat and heal people as best they could. Malpractice was hardly heard of, since only those with a true passion for medicine would study medicine.

Police was rarely needed, nor did they carry guns; they carried police sticks having to break up a fight, which was one of the only cases of violence in those days, and the occasional thievery which entailed something in the likes of a youngster stealing a loaf of bread and the sort.

Everyone could decide for themselves when they wanted to retire, usually having enough money saved for their old age to take care of themselves. Aside from that, families took care of one another, with the parents – at some point – living with their kids, playing grandma and grandpa to their grandchildren.

There were no worries about food being healthy or not healthy, and everything was organic and fresh, freshly delivered to the market by the local farmer. The freshly baked bread could be “smelled” at 5 am in the morning when walking by the bakery stores.

Comparing much of the ” quality” of life from way back then to nowadays, it’s pretty obvious that the left did not have the people’s interest in mind, while trying to make everyone believe that’s all they had in mind – the people’s interest.
Oh ?

Well, farsightedness wasn’t their strength, either, otherwise they would not have encouraged ALL women to join the work force at a time when digital and robotic machines began replacing much of the human personnel.

How about the pay ? Is the pay better now than it was 100 years ago ? We don’t have to go back 100 years, let’s go back only 50 years. Comparing how much someone had to work to purchase a house, feed the family, buy clothing, buy a car and pay for college tuition of the kids. It seems that the value of money is so little now, as though we’re actually experiencing an outrageous inflation.

If non-skilled workers need two jobs each, in a marriage with two children, just to make a living and support their family, it doesn’t take an economic genius to see that the dollar had more value a 100 years ago, because … a dollar was still worth a silver unit of approx. 24 grains; try buying a unit of silver for a dollar now (?).

Once we start thinking about the value of our money and compare how easy manufacturing of goods is nowadays, as opposed to 50 years ago, when more manpower was needed, it makes one wonder why anything should be more expensive than it was 50 years ago ?

So, are we better off now than we were a 100 years ago ?



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