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Why Care ?
By Korifaeus

It is finally legal in every state of the Union for Gay Couples to marry. Tip of the head to the gay couples ‘cuz you too have now the ” equal” right to ‘ marry ‘ = to procreate – choose a partner for yourself with whom you create a tree – a family tree.
But hold on a second, how exactly are they thinking of doing that ? Male and Male can’t procreate, nor can female and female procreate. The funny thing here is that neither the supreme court, nor English Professors, apparently care anymore about the meaning – root-meaning / etymology – of english words.

The word Marriage is derived from the latin word ” Mare ” ( Sea) – to marry is to create a WOMB – a Sea in which a new Species evolves to develop into a human being. The very reason why a WOman is called a WOman; a Man with a Womb.

The word Matrimony is derived from the latin word ” Mater” / Matre, which means ” mother”. A Matrimony is when a man chooses a woman to make her the ” mother” of his offspring – to unite in ” matrimony”.

A Wedding is to give a ” pledge” to commit to a partnership.
A Nuptial is the ” Celebration” of said pledge.

But who cares, really. So what there’s no regard for the actual meaning of words anymore, and instead of just saying, ” Okay, everyone can have a legal union, a wedding and nuptials, regardless of gender or same-sex partnerships”, it has to be called Marriage, even though it’s utterly impossible for a same-sex couple to pro-create with one-another.

But let’s go a step further. A lot of folks are upset about the legalization of homosexual couples to wed. Some of those in opposition to gay wedding bliss feel it’s unnatural, while others call it sacrilege , stating it’s against God’s Laws, by which these couples commit a sin.

Let’s hypothetically assume they commit a sin, what is it anyone’s business if they do or don’t ? If they commit a sin, it’s their business. Dear Nay Sayers, are you responsible for the actions of others ? Will God punish YOU if someone else commits an act that is a sin according to your interpretations of God’s laws ? NO !
You’re only judged on your OWN actions, not other people’s actions. Thus why do you even care ?

Is there a law in the Ten Commandments prohibiting a man to live in a sexual partnership with a man, or for a woman to live in a sexual partnership with a woman ? No. Thus if this was so important to God, surely HE would have put it in the Ten Commandments on which our Laws are based.

What if every single action occurring in Nature – and we humans are part of nature – is a Will of God ? And if a person chooses not to procreate, by which their tree will not live on, what rational argument could stand against that ?
If this person chooses to live in a sexual relationship with someone having made the same choice, then it’s consensual – so why would that be against God’s Will ?

The only thing that’s shameful is when individuals put themselves above others and want to enforce their own believes and interpretations on others. Are gay couples harming anyone ? Nope.

Just because same-sex couples are now allowed to wed, doesn’t mean YOU, dear nay-sayer, has to find a same-sex partner to exchange nuptials with. No one forces you to change your way, so why care ?

Live and let live, and when doing so, the only responsibility we have is for our own actions and that’s plenty responsibility me thinks.
Sacrilege and Blasphemy is when mankind thinks it should enforce God’s Will on others.
Me thinks God can handle that very well himself.

Let GOD be the Judge,
‘cuz remember, ……..

in God we trust


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