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America’s Hijacked Culture

Golly Gee
By Korifaeus

American Culture, to me, is what i see in 1950’s Movie and Television Series. Well mannered, prudent, family oriented hard working folks, using expressions of surprise such as Jeepers, Golly Gee, bejabbers, snails, Gosh all potomac, which are rarely heard nowadays, sadly so – because they’re charming expression and mean pretty much the same as …. well, WTF, etc.


Folks dressed well in those days and made it an “effort” to look respectfully clean with their hair always done; shoes shiny, shirts ironed and men never left the house not wearing a hat.

Women looked feminine, behaved feminine and American women were seen as the most beautiful females in the western world. Their voices were appealing, never shrill, nor loud and most certainly not high-naseled. Folks knew about table manners, never speaking with their mouths full, which included kids who were raised with etiquette.

To be a homemaker was a respectable job, bringing up children who’d enjoy home cooked meals they’d eat with their family sitting at the dinner table, while all shared their stories of the day. Families communicated with one another.

After dinner they’d move into the living room to either listen to a radio show, or watch TV.

Entertainment in those days was ” entertaining” and original; Movies and TV shows didn’t need PG13 ratings, because they were never gruesome enough to frighten even preschoolers – they were ” at most” thrillingly suspenseful.

And those were the days when there was no such thing as having to ” bleep ” out swear words on TV, since the cuss words that existed were sweet words like ” jeez”, or “Jeepers”, even kids used; thus children safe language.

Those were the days when there were no laws as to warning folks about cigarettes, nor prohibitions to smoke on TV. Cigarettes, Cigars, Cigarillos and Pipes were smoked by the Doctor in his office, in Movies, on TV ,on Stage and in night-clubs and those night-clubs were sophisticated places serving dinner, providing sophisticated entertainment from vocalists to stand-up to magic acts and chorus girls.

Those were the days when there were no ” drug ” laws. Not even medical prescription laws existed and if one knew of a specific medication one could just go to the pharmacist and buy it, if so one wishes to do so. There were no drug laws, for what’s now called, recreational drugs, such as Pot,Hashisch, Opium, or Cocaine. For all the Government cared ye could grow pot in your back yard; Ye could also grow tobacco, which wasn’t regulated.

And while all this was allowed with no laws nor regulations against it, few folks would even use such drugs, with an exception of a few musicians, in those days, and addiction was less than 1% of those addicted via substance abuse. Alcohol is not regulated, outside of having to be 21 years of age in order to buy it, and far more people suffer from alcohol addiction, liver disease, etc, than from drugs use.

I’m not a supporter of recreation drugs, nor do i drink or smoke, outside of an occasional cigarillo. I’m a supporter of “personal freedom ” and to use drugs, if so one wishes, is a personal choice that comes with taking full responsibility when doing so. Taking that responsibility away from grown up human beings turns them into irresponsible people able to blame “drug-pushers” for their possible misery. Drug-pushers wouldn’t exist if none of that stuff was regulated, nor would ” lacing ” drugs with dangerously addictive additives exist – and most certainly not corruption and drug smuggling.

And while drugs, smoking and TV is censored, supposedly for the benefit of people, these very same folks who pushed all these laws on us to PARENT grown up people, have absolutely no problem allowing substances into body that have no place in the body, as in Silicone breast implants, Amalgam fillings for teeth, Toxic metals, such as Nickel, in pierce-jewelr. They have no problem with horrifyingly gruesome computer games for kids, where the motive of the game is to ” kill ” the opponent, either. Hello ?

The Irony is that über-regulations were pushed by “the Left” trying to Parent the behavior and actions of adults, while not wishing to censure violent computer games for kids, saying it’s up to the ” Parents” to control what kids are watching. Hello ?

Words starting with F, and what not, are okay to be used as music lyrics, inspiring “teenagers” to change their vocabulary to sound like uncivilized rogues while given the impression it’s ” cool”, especially when wearing ripped jeans, a dirty t-shirt, flip-flops with their hair unwashed and uncombed to compliment the ” up yours” Tattoo on the middle finger. And please don’t forget to chew gum while talking with a pierced tongue causing that irresistible lisp which makes it all sound so individualistically chic.

The wholesome American picture was hijacked right in front of our eyes. Originality hardly exists anymore in entertainment – Movies, TV, Broadway offers mostly remakes from the “good” old days, and copy-catism has become the norm, as well.

Piercing, Tattooing, slob clothing, pot, i’m all for it, don’t get me wrong – it’s freedom and everyone may do as they please, but if allowing all of that, why not allow raw Goatmilk to be sold in every state of the U.S. of A. ? Why in the world is GOAT MILK, of all things, regulated and prohibited to be sold in its raw state, in the State of New York, for example ? The ONLY milk that can not turn bad – it only turns into whey/kefir. The only milk that has no bacteria harmful to healthy human beings ?

With all the Tobacco-danger alerts, as in additives, why not allow folks to grow their own Tobacco plants ? What gives anyone the RIGHT to prohibit someone from growing whatever plant they choose to grow in their garden, or their land ? How dare really, for any Government to think they have the right to tell people what they should grow in their yard ? And if folks grow tobacco and smoke it, what is it any Government’s business to Parent adult Human Beings ?

We’re all born FREE on the this planet and we all have the GOD given right to do as we please ” as long ” as it is within the realm of Common-morality = Though shallot not Kill, Though shalt not steal “.

Moral people, as i’ve stretched many times, do not need laws. They know not to kill and steal. Laws were created for those lacking instinctive common courtesy/ morality.

The Government’s job is NOT to tell people what ” they” should or shouldn’t be doing and most certainly not take their God given RIGHTS away from them.
A Government’s job is to put into Action the WILL of The People and that WILL is to have the right to parent oneself. Once that’s put into order folks will once again take responsibility for their own actions and turn into the wholesome American picture most everyone CRAVES to see again – after having grown tired of that so called “freedom” to sound and look more vulgar ( Pop Music culture ) than the ladies of the night in Amsterdam’s red light district.

Dear Prudence, why don’t you come out to play…….


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