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Stasi Mentality on Deflation-Gate

By Korifaeus

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Read the tabloids lately ? Tabloids, like the Globe, Enquirer, etc, have always been the Tattletale publications to give us a chuckle while standing in a long supermarket line at the register. Sometimes they even revealed some truths way before it hit the general media outlets, most notably the Enquirer during the 1990’s. Remember the Lincoln Bed room scandal during the Clinton Era ?

And yes, they used to let not so well dressed Oscar attendees know their Gala dress should have been dropped after the prom, which was always humorously commented on by Mister Blackwell, who never once was rude, tasteless or vulgar, instead wrote fashion reviews truly clever, funny and entertaining.

But those were the days when even tabloid magazines were written and edited by sensible human beings with some journalistic know-how, never to personally attack stars, starlets or Politicians in ways so viciously, like nowadays, as though they have a personal vendetta against them.

Are some ( not all ) writers of the newly-designed Enquirer, for example, so homely to feel a thrill when pointing out flaws of celebrities after they’ve obviously been photographed in either terribly hard lighting – just as they yawned, blinked, or caught sneezing ?

Commentaries below such photographs are so inhumanely despicable in ” some cases”, it makes, whoever wrote them, look far more homely ” on the inside” than the stars on the outside caught in odd moments. One really wonders if those writers are humans of this planet, or what alien planet have they been exiled from ?
It’s just not American anymore.

Fair game, i think, would be to publish photos of these writers, inviting readers to comment on their looks.

And now the Media, yes the Media – not the national football league – but the media is after one of the greatest quarterbacks in football. A model athlete who is neither tattooed, nor pierced, rather a wholesome looking fellow, family man and as such Tom Brady is a wonderful role model for our youth. A wholesome all American living the American dream.

He’s singled out in Deflationgate; unheard of in the history of football.

That entire investigation couldn’t have been done within the realm of the National Football League,i.e., NFL, until they’ve figured out what exactly it was and who exactly it was positively responsible for causing the balls to be deflated below 12.5 ?

As i’ve often mentioned in other articles, the Constitutional law of ” Innocent until proven guilty” does rarely seem to apply anymore, specifically when it comes to the Media since we’ve entered the 21st century; and they appear not to even check facts before broadcasting an “accusation” just for ratings, with total disregard to the harm it may cause to a person and his/her family.

What if Tom Brady truly had no knowledge of balls being deflated to an illegal level ?

Pardon me, but has the media ever heard of Devil’s Advocatism, which is a MUST to abide by for a Civilized Society to function properly ?

What if someone had a personal vendetta against him because of …. envy, perhaps, as simple as that ? Or, some group, organization, hypothetically speaking ( while taking reality into consideration ) disapprove of how his wife openly discusses her enjoyment of steak during talk show interviews, with Vegans and Vegetarians going ballistic ?

But what did the published text-messages between locker room attendant Jim McNally aka ” Bird” ( did ESPN say ” a little birdie told us” ? ) and game-ball maker John Jastremski reveal ?

Well, first of, those two didn’t like Tom very much and appeared to hold some sort of grudge against him because he’s a superstar who didn’t give them the rewards they expected from him. They also appeared to’ve been inflating the balls too much, at some point even to ” 16 “, which is way ABOVE the legal standard, and was detected by a referree, about which the two commented via text message, saying ” the reff f..cked us, checking the balls, they were 16 , etc ( paraphrase)

Further texts between the two revealed that they were looking for “cash” and that Tom appeared to’ve been constantly on them because they INFLATED the balls TOO much, making them too tight, too hard, which ( according to the text messages) they appeared to’ve done on purpose to make Tom angry, texting things like ” F..k Tom, we’ll give him a f…..g Water Mellon”, etc.

They then discuss amongst ” themselves ” to deflate the balls to 11 or 11 and a half, to mess with Tom, who appeared to’ve pushed them to have the balls at “12.5 exactly, after he’d been repeatedly given super inflated balls by them, as the text messages reveal. And BECAUSE they messed with him , giving him ” over-inflated” balls, he was on them to
“deflate” them to “standard level”.

Thus lets ask those two fellows WHY they did that before continuing to slander, pre-judge and label a possible prudent and upright man.
THAT would be AMERICAN; to ask the right questions and taking the texts into full consideration before going on a public witch hunt. The witch hunt is not being orchestrated by the NFL, though; it’s the TV news media, to never even fully reveal all the texts and discuss them in detail – instead the media just constantly calls and questions him as a cheater; actions very reminiscent of Stasi intimidation tactics, not journalism.

In fact, the way the Media is reporting about this deflation investigation ( as well as much else nowadays, particularly when it comes to folks who’ve not even been indicted, etc ) looks more like Operation ” Zersetzung”, because they try to get anyone to say something discriminating against accused people, so to try them in a public court, as though we’ve gone back to the dark ages of Market-place trials of ancient Greece, as opposed to the olympic games where even the ball and spear makers, i’m sure, adhered to sportsmanship and rooted for the team



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