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Judging Judy – A Judicial Failure

Corrupted Justice
By Korifaeus

Last Friday i happen to watch Judge Judy, by mere coincidence, if there is such a thing, and am glad i did because of witnessing something that is long overdue of being written about = the corruption of the Judicial system, and….. a specific case of which Judge Judy appeared to know nothing about, and made a judgement that had no place in any house of law.

Let me first explain what the case was about.
A lady owning a condominium leased her condo to a Gentleman. One rule to be observed, set forth by the condominium owner, was ” no smoking”.
The lady was now suing for damages to her condo, caused by a fire, which was caused not by the Gentleman who leased the Condo, but by his friend who had smoked a cigar but didn’t extinguish the cigar properly.

Judge Judy inquired if the Lady had homeowner’s insurance.
The lady, said ” No”, she was not required to have homeowner’s insurance by the HOA, i.e., Homeowner’s association, etc.

Judge Judy then stated that the lady should have had home owner’s insurance and that her insurance would have taken care of the the fire damage. Aside from that, Judge Judy insisted the Lady has no place to sue the Gentleman to whom the lady leased her Condo, since he didn’t cause the fire; instead the lady should have sued his friend who caused and admitted to have caused the fire.

What ??? I said out loud while watching Judge Judy make these utterly false statements, after she’d proclaimed to KNOW what she’s doing, knowing the law, etc. earlier in the show, and in such an arrogant and pompous way, i was sure the wisest Judge of all, King Solomon, would turn in his grave.

First of, if the Lady had homeowner’s insurance, why should SHE use her insurance to cover damages not caused by her ? If she herself caused damages to a neighboring condo, say due to an accidental fire, her insurance ( if it’s in the coverage) would cover it if it originated in her own unit.
Second: If the rule was a non-smoking rule for the condo, and the fire was caused by smoking, it would probably not be covered by the insurance.

But Judge Judy’s biggest legal faux-pas was her insistence the Lady had no place to sue the Gentlemen since he did not cause the fire.
He was the ONLY person the lady could sue because the lady leased the condo to him and as the legal tenant he is fully responsible not only for what happens in the Condo during the time of his lease, but responsible for friends causing any damages to the condo when visiting him, as well.

But what about the Gentleman’s friend, who admitted having caused the fire ? Why didn’t Judge Judy ask the obvious question = ” Why didn’t you offer to pay for the damages, Sir, since you admitted having caused the fire ? ”

With all her arrogance and pompousness regarding her self-perception of being flawless when it comes to law and judgement, she lacks the most important virtue that’s pivotal to being a Judge, and that is Integrity.

Her show makes a farce of a the Judicial System because she ACTS not for Justice, but for ratings and the higher the ratings the higher her paycheck. And that’s the bottom line – she corrupts the Judicial System, as does any Judge willing to put on an act every week for the “entertainment” of people, rather than to serve in a Court of Law.

No one in their right mind can possibly look at Judge Judy’s performance as that of a respectable Judge. A performance which often times is but that of a hysterical woman put on display to disrespectfully talk down at people in a most shrill and un-lady like manner, as though she’s working at a fair-ground or farmer’s market without a microphone, trying to attract onlookers to come to her booth.

It’s one thing to ” play” an outrageous Judge on a mock-court show when an actor. It’s a totally different story, however, when a real-life Judge, supposedly having studied law, making a mockery of oneself while selling out a “science” to the highest bidder by putting on a performance for ratings – and any real-life Judge willing to sell out lacks character, integrity and corrupts the system and has no place in any court of Law.

But to everything there’s a moral to the story, and my guess is that in the case of Judges getting TV offers while having made themselves a name of being no-nonsense Judges, they’ve actually just being put to the test if INDEED they’re no-nonsense judges.


In the meantime the show will go on and folks will continue to tune in to judge …Judy


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