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Germany have you no Shame ? The Dual-Citizen Trap of Germany

Denial and Prejudice
By Korifaeus


The world has become a small place with Germans being the number 1 most traveling nation in the world. No other people travel as much to foreign countries as Germans. Thousands upon thousands of Germans live in other countries, either due to working for German companies, job opportunities, the arts, Film, modeling, ( France , U.S., for example) or falling in love and marrying a non-German national. Whatever the reasons, thousands upon thousands of Germans currently live in other countries in and outside the E. U.

To hold a Dual citizenship was never permitted for German citizens, until….. the year 2000. In 2000 Germany made it known that German citizens could now, too, hold dual-citizenships just like Canada, U.S., Israel, Spain, Portugal, Iran, Syria, Arabian and North African countries, South Korea, Philippines, etc.

For Germans it was such a refreshing thing to hear, that many chose to become citizens of the countries they lived in, while keeping their German citizenship. But the majority of these Germans – and please note the word ” Majority” ( not minority) – lost their German Citizenship instead. The fault, Germany insists, lies with these Germans who did not apply for a specific Document called Beibehaltungsurkunde ( Certificate to maintain Citizenship). That, however, is not entirely true, because:

1.Not every German citizen is granted such a Certificate, which entails providing pretty much the same information one has to provide for getting a German citizenship, such as birth certificate, German parents, German schooling, family members living in Germany, and most importantly ” Financial Status” = Documents showing one’s annual income, bank accounts, ownership of properties, stocks, ergo anything that provides evidence that one is able to financially support oneself to not cause a financial… Quote “burden” on Germany.

2.Unless a person is able to proof that he/she is independently wealthy, he or she won’t be granted that specific Certificate to maintain her/his German citizenship. Should a person be able to provide evidence of a steady income through employment, the person may be granted this Certificate, but…..

3. ….no one tells the person that this Certificate is only good for 2 years. Thus the German person living in, say Turkey, applies for Turkish citizenship after having received this Certificate from the German Consulate, but procedure until citizenship for Turkey is granted takes more than 2 years, and most often up to 3 to 4 years. By the time the German becomes a Turkish citizen the Certificate is no longer valid, and …..
…the happy German informs the German Consulate of finally having received the Turkish citizenship, to then be told by the Consulate employee that there is a problem, and he/she better come to the Consulate. The German does as he/she was told, and the German Passport = German Citizenship, is taken away because, …. the Certificate was no longer valid.

This has happened to ……not thousands, but tens of thousands of German Citizens, who’re feeling tricked by the country that is SUPPOSED to look out for them.

See also Germans losing their Citizenship

Once they lose their German citizenship they’re told they can apply for a ” Wiedereinbürgerung” – Reinstatement of Citizenship – which basically entails the same procedure as getting a Certificate. Now, however, after 4 years, the Person may have lost his/her job and is living on his/her savings, starting a new business venture, perhaps. Due to just having started a new Business venture, the person is unable to provide documents for an annual income, and only able to show a bank statement with savings, of say 50. 000 dollars.

That is not sufficient security for the German government, thus the reinstatement of German Citizenship is denied on bases that the person is unable to show an ability to provide for him/herself, and would cause a burden on Germany.

What if a person fell ill during those 4 years, unable to work, receiving medical treatment ? No go, because the person can’t provide evidence of income, even if she/he has savings, and his/her family took care of him/her, with no financial burden caused on the country he/she lives in.

In other instances of married women, for example, some of whom got married right out of school and chose to be stay at home moms, with only the husband going to work; these women were obviously unable to provide evidence of an annual income, thus also denied the Certificate and/or reinstatement of their German citizenship ( after losing it due to not being aware of the certificate they first had to apply for) on grounds that they lack any qualifications to work, thus showing an inability to provide for themselves, and would cause a financial burden on Germany.

Curiously enough, the German Government does not ask if a person has any debt, is in default paying mortgages, etc. thus able to lose the property = the financial security listed in the application. No inquiries into drug or alcohol abuse, or if the person is a gambler; by which the person’s citizenship is reinstated, having millions to show for, but…. may loses it all only a short while later because of gambling debts, etc. ?

These are FACTS gathered from authentic Government Documents of Germany from uncountable Germans, i’ve personally reviewed.

Note: The Government statement of denying citizenship, btw looks like none i’ve ever seen. The document looks like a copy and is black and white, unlike other official Government letters of Germany, whose letterhead is in color. Official German documents used to also have a watermark which authenticates the documents, or letters. Perhaps Germany no longer uses paper with watermarks, since none of the documents i reviewed had any.

The names of the applicants are misspelled, which is such a sloppy thing to see, ( on an official government Document) one truly questions if this could possibly be from the German Government famous for its efficiency and accuracy.

Underneath the signature of the Government employee having signed the document, is no description of office, rank or title, nor a stamp authenticating the document, as in specific Government department, rather the last name and only the last name of the signee printed underneath the signature.

Best regards,


That on a side note, because the first thought that comes to mind when seeing a sloppy document from a Government department, is that the review of the applicants files, etc. may have been just as sloppy.

In other cases Germans were not told by their Consulate that they had to apply for a Certificate, and received only a confirmation that it’s indeed true that they can become dual citizens since the year 2000; thus the Germans went ahead and applied for citizienships of the country they live in, only to have their German citizenship rescinded.

In no German Embassy, nor Consulate, are posters, brochures, or at the very least ” fliers” on the tables, making Germans aware of having to first apply for a Certificate if considering to become a dual-citizen.

Why exactly, one MUST ask, did Germany allow dual citizenship when not willing to grant it to ALL it’s Citizens without Prejudice ? The Evidence shows that Germany is willing to grant dual-citizenship only when it is of benefit to Germany. (?) How exactly does and did that ” protect” German citizens, as is the number 1 Law of the country, i.e., Grundgesetz. The German Government, like every Government in the world, exist for one primary reason only and that is to serve and protect its Citizens.

In the majority of cases reviewed, dual-citizenship, and reinstatement of German citizenship was denied on bases of ” Prejudice”, in ways of unfounded accusations that the applicant WILL cause a financial burden on Germany.

What will the future read ?
Headline : German Citizens Willfully tricked into losing their Citizenship (?)

Judicial Interview of Participants having positively engaged in trying to trick Germans into losing their Citizenship:

Judge: Did you take the passport of this Person ?

Defendant : Yes i did

Judge: Did the person engage in Criminal Activities such as plotting against the country, or selling secrets to foreign Governments ?

Defendant: No, the person had no criminal record.

Judge: Would you say the person was an upright citizen ?

Defendant: Yes, your Honor, i can say that.

Judge: Why then did you revoke the Person’s citizenship ?

Defendant: Because it was the law, and i followed orders .



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