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By Korifaeus

Prof.Dr. Korifaeus is a Ventriloquist Puppet who acts, and has acted, as the brains behind Korifaeus Entertainment , which includes this magazine. The magazine investigates and reports on most everything Prof Dr. Korifaeus ( after whom everything is named ) finds interesting, amusing, entertaining, worthwhile to mention, or… suspicious. Whatever appears suspicious, from world affairs, to history, to medicine, companies – you name it – is thoroughly investigated and looked into and then, if need be, reported about.

The latter was the case of Karina Verlag, a small Austrian publishing company, belonging to a supposed non-for-for-profit Organization headed by a Ms. Karin Pfolz. Ms. Pfolz emailed me, asking if i could change the article ( Click here to see Article ) i’d written and published about her Publishing Company, while she went into great length to explain/defend a few things; stating she ” entrusts” me with it, thus not for the public.

Fair enough, i emailed her back, stating i will look into all of what she explained, and will get back to her tomorrow, because it’s 2 am and need to get to bed. I was trying to make her aware of the time difference between Germany and the U.S., so she doesn’t feel as though i’m ignoring her email, because that happens quite a lot when communicating with some folks oversees, unaware of the time change. It’s midnight in the U.S., meaning we go to sleep when Germans are getting up to go to work.

The next morning ( a day a go ) i go to my Facebook, it asks me to log in (?) and when i do, nothing happens. After about an hour trying to figure out what’s going on, i learn my Facebook has been suspended. Ms. Karin Pfolz, the publisher, suspected behind me, the writer (i’m a 51 year old American Female) a German male Author who had pressed charges against her for Copyright fraud, earlier last week.

Due to her apparent Paranoia of me being the German Author, she reported my Facebook account, Profdr.Korifaeus, as an impersonator, and has me temporarily suspended. ( until i verify myself via ID) .

Of course ProfDr. Korifaeus is not me, thus he has to be able to identify himself with an ID, in order to get his Facebook account back. Everyone familiar with Korifaeus Entertainment ( https://korifaeusentertainment.wordpress.com ) knows he is my ” Boss” and a ventriloquist puppet. Those familiar with Korifaeus Entertainment also know that i play different male characters, as in ” The Yiddish Uncle Schlomo, aka Samuel Schmeckel, MD ( Psychiatrist), his cousin the Arabic Prince Sam’ael Ibn Shams, who also is an incredible Tenor/Basso, i might humbly add, as well as Harry Lustig, better known as Master Harry – the number one pick-up-artist of New york City, and of course Haute Couture Czar Piere de La Farce, a french egocentric fashion designer.

I further play the Santa, the little Elf and the Christmas Angel in my Xmas Reality-show, which is bi-lingually produced in English and German.

All these characters, as well as ideas to write and create, were given birth to through my ventriloquist puppet Professor Dr. Korifaeus, through whom i actually discovered playing Characters, composing, singing ( making Music ) and writing, which includes my books and magazine. It is he, that puppet, through whom i found the courage to do all these things. It is through this anonymity of hiding behind “characters”, and speaking through the puppet, that allows me to open up and feel free to express myself to the fullest.

Entertainers, writers, comedians, working under a Pseudonym, and known only by their Pseudonym, should be allowed to use that on their Facebook account; especially since aplenty chose to work in the entertainment field using a Pseudonym, to protect their identity for obvious reasons – Privacy.

On the other hand, uncountable celebrities use Pseudonyms to create a Facebook account, to not get spammed by Fans, and other, via PMs or friend-requests. They wish to just have some FB privacy with family and friends. Some open a Fan Page with their real name, but the account is under the Pseudonym.

How many times i’ve reported FB Pages that impersonate Celebtries of whom i personally know that they don’t have Facebook, and nothing was done by Facebook ? Many times ! These fake impersonator-pages continue attracting acquaintances folks and girls the celebrity once knew, to phish for private information.

Having said that,under which ” Personal ” account are Gov. pages, such as CIA, NSA, FBI, etc. registered ? A private person whose Gov. Page is verified ? But how exactly can a Gov. Page through a private person, to whose FB account the page attaches, be verified ?

Facebook knows my true identity, as does Amazon through whom i publish my books and this magazine. I asked Facebook to allow me to continue using the moniker Prof.Dr. Korifaeus for my Facebook account, because he is all i am, and every song and all i do is accredited to him. If folks are allowed to open Facebook accounts calling themselves GOD, surely i’d be allowed to continue using Prof.Dr. Korifaeus ?
If i’m not allowed to use that moniker, i won’t be opening a new FB account, rather be going on strike.

Now then, i’ll be sending Prof. Dr. Korifaeus’ ID to Facebook. 🙂

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IPA - ID Card



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