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Brian Williams versus News Networks Executives

Unspinning a Web of Lies
By Korifaeus


I don’t know Brian Williams personally, nor do i care if he’s generally liked or disliked; i care about fairness and the taking of responsibility in matters that concern the effects on the general Public, specifically when it comes to news reports that can have a traumatizing effect on those watching the news, and if news reports consist of lies, cause prejudice resulting in anger toward ethnic groups, as well as Religious groups, leading to conflicts, from civil uprising to war.

The, by Brian Williams personally admitted, inaccurate account of what occurred 12 years ago during his stay in Iraq, did neither cause trauma to the general public, nor did it effect the general perception of what had taken place during the war in Iraq. I don’t even see where exactly he fibbed or intentionally exaggerated the story, rather felt it was a witch hunt based on semantics, as in the word “we ” – WE the American troops/aircrafts were shot at, as opposed to WE the specific aircraft Mr. Williams was flying in – for NBC to elevate itself to the public as being a, if not THE, most accurate news network holding their Journalists and News Anchors to the highest standard of news reporting.

With Brian Williams singled out as a non-truth telling fibber, or exaggerator of truth, is it not time then to take a closer look into the going-ons at News Networks, as to what’s going on behind the scenes, or prior to supposed ” live ” coverage in areas of conflict, where small groups of people are basically hired for a few bucks cash, and given signs and flags to be held in front of a camera, to create the impression of an uprising, Protest, or Demonstration while in actuality a fictitious event was created for a news coverage ?

What about Geraldo Rivera, known for his exaggerated coverage here and abroad, who’s become a national news media farce, one of uncountable examples being a supposed live coverage in Iraq some years ago, in which he tried to make the public believe he and the camera team were being shot at, while his own camera man, and team did not even twitch or take cover, with only Geraldo shown to take cover, while the camera man continued staying in the same position ?

And while we’re given the impression through the news media, that Afghanistan, for example, is nothing but a rural area with folks ridding donkeys packed with aged mountain cheese, as though time has stopped in the entire country of Afghanistan since the middle ages, while yet Kabul and Kandahar are peaceful and vastly growing modern cities with Universities, with men neither forced to wear beards, and professionals dressed in suits and ties, as well as women not rarely seen in western clothing, nor forced to wear burkhas, or headscarfs.

Accurate and truthful reporting from this area, would be to show the general public footage of what these cities, made of asphalt streets on which cars are driving, in actuality look like. Otherwise it would be equal to showing footage of poverty-stricken regions in the Tennessee hills, where many still have outhouses, and broadcast it to give the impression that is what the U.S. looks like, while never showing a single clip even, of New York City, or any other modern town or city in the United States.

Thus it’s always good to remember when pointing the index finger, that when pointing the index finger, three fingers point back at oneself.



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