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Slavery in Qatar – When Countries fall Victim to Greed

Propaganda Journalism
By Korifaeus

Once again, yesterday, i happen to see a report on the News about Qatar – a small Emirate on the Arabian Peninsula – in which Qatar is accused of mis-treatment and slavery of its foreign workers. I happen to be familiar with that subject, having interviewed quite a few foreign workers in that Region, to take a closer look into that issue to try and fairly judge for myself.

Let me first remind everyone that we have had similar problems in the U.S., involving ” Sweat shops” in which uncountable ” illegal” workers were basically held hostage to perform the work they’ve been hired to do. These incidents, however, did neither reflect on the U.S. as a whole, nor were these inhumanities perpetrated by the U.S. Government, nor any of it’s officials. The perpetrators were private business men owning manufacturing companies 1. hiring workers ( usually illegal) already in the country, 2. foreign workers smuggled into the country from central American countries via promise of work, 3. foreign workers legitimately entering this country as visitors – usually of Asian origin – through a work-agency who then brings them to their work destination.

Once the Government, i.e., Law Enforcement, learns about the sweat shops and their locations, the workers are freed, the factory closed and the perpetrators brought to justice.

In a nut shell that’s pretty much what’s going on in Qatar, and the U.A.E ( United Arab Emirates). And here’s exactly how it works, for which the government is blamed by self-interest groups not caring to thoroughly investigate these accusations, rather try to shine a terribly dark and guilty light on these Arab countries, while often times interviewing someone dressed in Thawb ( Arabic attire) to make it look like a Government official while yet an Egyptian accent is heard, instead of an Arab accent (which is much softer ) because, after all, we’ve entered the era of the Arab aka Muslim Witch hunt, haven’t you noticed ?

Arab nationals are in a striking minority in the countries, i.e., Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, U.A.E., Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia.

Egyptians, Syrians, Lebanese are not Arabs, they’re Arabic ” speaking” nationals.

The Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, for example, is comprised of a minority of actual nationals no more than 12 to 16 %. In order to function as a whole, since the modernization began in the 1960’s, with its massive construction of infrastructure, schools, hospitals, housing, etc. foreign workers were needed for the undertaking in great numbers, thus invited to come to the above mentioned countries from poverty-stricken countries where people had a difficult time finding jobs to support themselves and their families.

Thus hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of foreign workers from India, Pakistan, the Philippines, Nepal, flocked to the Emirates, for example, after having been hired by work agencies of their countries.

The people hiring these foreign workers, however, are not Government officials, rather managers hired to hire foreign workers. These managers assure the company President they can bring an x-amount of workers from their country, and then given a check with a generous amount to cover the expenses, such as room and board, as well as the fair/flight for the workers.

But some managers hired to bring in foreign workers were and are greedy, and pocketed the checks themselves, while spending the minimum amount possible for housing of the workers, who ended, and end up, sharing a single room with up to 7 other men in housing complexes with insufficient sanitation facilities. The managers also keep the passports to assure the foreign workers can’t leave.

See also > Withholding Passports

These actions, however, are not perpetrated by the Government, quite the opposite. Managers hired by the State/Emirate are given extremely generous checks to assure the foreign workers are well taken care of. It’s the managers not only betraying their employers, but the foreign workers, as well, and given the impression it is the Government, the Emiraties, forcing them to live this way while withholding their passports.

Note: These Managers are NOT nationals, rather foreign workers, as well, from India, Egypt, etc.

Since the opening of the iron curtain ( Eastern Europe ) Oligarchs have put in an extensive effort to conquer these wealthy oil and gas states while heavily investing in these countries, and opening shop, so to speak. Many Hotels are no longer State-owned, for example, rather private company-owned by Eastern Europeans, as well as Pakistanis, Indians, whose in-house managers hire foreign workers and adhere pretty much to the above business practices of giving 2 to 4 year contracts, withholding passports and forcing men and women to live in less than acceptable living conditions, as see above.

With all the negative propaganda about the oil states, one can’t but wonder if it’s not envy, the root of all evil, and the intention to take the country away from those who had the vision and built it, now that they’re no longer poor pearl diving Emirates in the desert.

All i can tell you is that they’re the safest countries to travel to for a single woman, with the kindest most hospitable people you’ll ever meet – that tiny minority of just about 12 % national Emiraties or Qataries, etc.

Note: If you are a foreign worker in one of the above mentioned Countries/Emirates, or know someone who is a foreign worker in one of the above, and feel you are being mistreated while your passport is being withheld, go to the local police station and report on the person who hired you, and i assure you the matter will thoroughly looked into, the manager finger printed, brought to justice and sent back to the country of his origin, not to be allowed into the country again.

This world could be so incredibly wonderful and peaceful if only we all would not believe everything we hear, then repeat it at face value, never even having been to these countries, and then go on witch hunts.

Merry Christmas



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